Given. . . With A Promise. . .


With a Promise. . .


With the ongoing grief affecting so many in our nation,  this was a gift given and I share with you.  Our thoughts have a weight and those needing those thoughts are open to us.  There will be a tomorrow somewhere. . . and we are asked to live our lives knowing this.  Those we love are part of this knowledge.  I ask you to live it also. . .  because I do. 


With A Promise  . . . 

There will be a tomorrow
somewhere. . .
waiting in the sunrise.

Perhaps in the shadow
of the footprint
on which you stand
this moment. . .

Or perhaps in
the light of a morning
in a world not thought
yet into Being. . .

But you will have it,
earned by the tenor
of your days,
practiced diligently.

It will be met
with an of course,
having visited every night
and well met. . .

with a promise once again to reclaim Paradise.


photo by Jon Katz   (Bedlam Farm. com)


One Response to Given. . . With A Promise. . .

  1. Veronica Hallissey August 24, 2020 at 10:44 pm #

    from Mark J. . . . .What a wonderful posting today! Like all of your offerings, it prompted me to do some thinking. But it was also warmly reassuring of our continuity. thank you. Love, Mark

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