Closely. . .on the altar of our hearts. . . . .


This has been a difficult week for me.  Health issues put me in the hospital for 3 days and I am grateful for this time to sort out the rest of my days. 

I wish to share with my readers some thoughts again that have been voiced on my blog.   

When you know, actually know something and do what you prefer instead of what you know is the right and correct thing to do, and do not do it, there will be accountability and the shoulders to carry the consequences will be yours.

For those who thought they could outsmart the growing ethical undergirding which has been written, talked about and because there was nothing or no one to show or leave a blueprint to follow to lay on the consequential offshoots of decadent behavior, well loves, all the games have been played out.

The nice words have been said, egos have been stroked, and charismatic antics have been viewed to see what has been taken as right when trusted talents have been parlayed to feed decadent behavior with the cries of you don’t know how heavy and hard the burdens are!. . . . and that from the privileged. . . .

Changes are afoot.  Meaning the God Aloft that most worship is down among us common folk and listening hard through the real cries of those busting butts with work around the clock to feed the babies we were told to make because all souls would be cared for.

But who would feed these babes was not in the package.  Just making them and giving the fruits of the labors to those who would profit from the taxes into the pockets of those promising care.

Changes are afoot.  The once God Aloft moves among us to give power within the souls of us who find our hard work of these blessed hands has given power away for a nefarious keeping which we are capable of doing ourselves. 

And improving the lot of our children so they can dream this important dream of becoming their own desired potential and worshiping the Divine Within for life and breath and the chance to do so. 

Their God Within has potential also as mankind has potential to become.

And the sparklers are built within the ethical system undergirding this remarkable Universe destined for the each of us when it is earned.

We don’t know what yet but our work habits and love for our world has shown that we will treat our world as best as those who have walked before us and have given dedicated lifetimes of care because they thought life of worth and sacred trust.   

Life has always been the greatest Gift Given.  Some have disregarded it as a nothing. . . no thing.  There are those of us who have known and continue to work our lives as sacred trusts.     

We hold our children on the altar of our hearts closely because we desire for them what we know and cherish.

Today finds us celebrating the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  I am glad she had the support of a mate and birth family who saw her talents.  And she knew their love.  Her obstacles to a fruitful tenure only were used by her to motivate and energize her unforgettable accomplishments.  She will continue to be used to enhance life in all its forms. 

We all hope in some small way our lives will enhance the greater life in its forms whatever its forms are. 

The masked, silent  gathering of people in front of the Supreme Court is a testament to the courage and POWER,  of  souls in human skin to show the confounding and unknown yet power of people to change the course of  history through thought. 

When that thought is pulled through our hearts to show we have given our best in what life has demanded of us and we have done it because of our innate knowledge of the good undergirding the universe and our behavior has been of the highest ethics we know,  the power of our congregation will change the course of human history.

The silent gathering, masked to protect others because of caring for human life, carries divine power and our one thought should be. . . .

Life is a sacred trust.  I write to protect it in the only way I can with words holding a blessing.   And a Promise. . . . 


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