The Important Words . . . .in all languages. . . .

My head is still spinning with things surfacing as if I am on memory enhancers.  My take on this day is my word, my bond, my trust, my love and my honor by my teacher.

It seems the meaning of those words have been lost in the jargon of our days and everything means whatever you wish.  Except for truthsayers.  We learned the meanings in kindergarten and we do not forget.

And neither do you when you look in the mirror straight into your eyes.  And do not flinch.

Sadly we all know now there are souls among us who do not, because they cannot know even the meaning, let alone their strict employment within one’s life.

When I was working on this wall hanging (I had just learned to print on fabric) my grandson Josh was watching and asked if he could have it.  That didn’t surprise me because he knew the weight of words and knew meanings.  I was deeply touched.

I have seen him go out in the middle of the dawn’s breaking  when one of his frightened peers sat in their locked vehicle and did not know why it stopped nor how to restart it. 

He has driven incoherent peers  from too much happy time and not allowed them to drive home.  I only knew the gender of those peers by shoes dropped in the hall.

And he only in his twenties but knowledgeable about vehicles and construction and computers so he was called upon often.  I was proud of his talents but more so the size of his heart.

We talked with no need for explanation when he lived at home.  I remember asking him if his friends knew what they asked of him when they called for rescue. 

They have no idea Gram, no clue.  But they knew he would answer their plea.  He sized up their predicament instantly.   The Jenny genes?  Not easy to live with this DNA.  You are worked to death for free.

Look at the words, trust, bond, love, honor.  Applied to everything and life is mortgaged because we want to make a difference in life.  A new way to care for life because of love and respect for it and humanity.

We may never know what theory brought this world into focus, if it was a something or someone, or many somethings and someones when growth required expression  and we needed more space for greater life.

We were told and it was written in the big book no one reads but sits on many coffee tables.  We are encouraged to look at the slim reads called the new testament or lovingly, gospels.

You do not know, do you, when you entertain angels unaware?  Demanding?  Mortgaged for eternity it seems.

You think you go fishing?  What will you do when you find you have been caught?  And the Big Fish has you, hook, line and sinker?


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  1. Email from Jane. . .
    Love this Veronica…thank you for your writings!! I love the line about the Jenny Genes and how hard you are worked for free…I so relate!! and your words are your honor!! too truly spoken! Truth is a short commodity these days and so your’s is most treasured!! love, jane

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