I held your heart in my hand . . . it is whole . . . .

We need to come to a place now and again when it is necessary to find a mind matched to ours so we can for all purposes say all that is heavy on our hearts.  With no explanation necessary because our route has been followed step by step;  to hear the words,  I held your heart in my hand for safekeeping and here it is, whole. 

And in a whisper would come the words,  I thought it fractured beyond repair!   We are embraced knowing instantly that we were not abandoned to do it alone. 

We prepare then to venture another time to come with the sweet knowledge that great songs will be sung again.


Great  Songs Will Be Sung. . . 

Should you find the need
to tell your story in words,
think mightily on them
and they will be caught up
in the air’s currents
and carried on the birds’ wings.
They will reach the ears
they were designed for.

You will find
you are not alone 
and in this infinite universe
you will be heard.

And when the thoughts
reach the places 
in the heart of an Other

great songs will be sung again.  . . . 

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4 responses to “I held your heart in my hand . . . it is whole . . . .”

  1. email from Suzanne. . . I’m waiting for the day…

    Love and blessings to you,

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  2. Suzanne. . . .It is easy to forget in the midst of it all that never were we abandoned. Never are we to cry alone. We are always in the embrace and the audience of one. veronica

    • And one day your words will find melodies and they will sing and be lifted to soar on Eagle’s wings. Soon Maria, soon. Thank you for commenting.

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