When It Escapes The Knowledge of Others. . . .


We have those close to us  disturbing our righteousness when we shout ‘enough already!’ when the going is hard in our lives.  They utter words like we make choices to suffer.  For good, Fundamentalist friends no longer are so quick to speak their knowledge saying God must love you very much to send such burdens.

I scribed and edited (for space) the following journal entry of January 16, 1990. . . Who would pit themselves against situations that would force a do or die attitude?  Who would force themselves to grow despite attitudes about stress that cause illnesses, except by a soul who knows a something that escapes the knowledge of others?

Escapes the knowledge of others.  It is an ancient thought that has propelled man to prove himself capable of better and higher things.  And not necessarily in physical life.  It is an innate something and when pressed,  will utter some saying like who knows?  He will say he works for position, family, health and whatever.  But he wants to be qualified.  Qualified to pass higher judgment for a world unlike this one.

It is something learned and felt deeply from someplace else.  When questioned he truly doesn’t know up here between the eyes, but knows heartwise.   And with hand to heart unthinkingly.   Just knows.

So you work and study and learn and gather information and make connections because your facts speak your logic.  In the face of obstinacy and obtuseness your knowledge stands. And you alibi and excuse everyone else. . . . .

So to my readers who wonder why the ongoing days are so difficult,  when you give  your highest and best in the dailyness to everyone.    Your caregiving attitude is one you wear like a second skin.  It holds you securely with love.  Your light shines with cosmic force and is noted.   Life is matching the power you exhibit for ongoing work.  

This poem is for you. . . rest well Sailor, rest well.

Rest Well Sailor. Rest Well. . . 

So in this night when you lie still
and listen for the rain, listen for the wind,
listen for the stars
moving about the sky.
Listen also for your heartbeat.
It is steady and it is sure.

It beats for all of your commitments,
both loving and lovable.
You are an important adjunct
to this world and your good
you cannot estimate.

Rest well, sailor, rest well.
The seas have been rocky
but now we come to the inlet 
that will take us to port.
There will be no tug to bring in the ship.

She will make it on her own power.

photo by John Stanley Hallissey


8 responses to “When It Escapes The Knowledge of Others. . . .”

  1. email from Maria. . . This is beautiful and calming Veronica. Acceptance and truth. Thank
    you. Love Maria

    • Maria. . Beautiful and calming, and acceptance and truth show the wondrous footwork of your journey in these times. What rises in us often is incredibly true. Thank you for commenting Maria. I appreciate you in my life.

  2. email from Pat E. . . .. . . .Love your thoughts, Veronica. And the ‘fake it till you make it’ mantra. That can mean so many things. Want to right my unintentional wrongs! Send a hug and a thank you. Stay well. Pat. . .

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Pat. . .the fake part of the mantra always meant . . . .pretend it is so until it is so. . . .Which is true when you work at practicing you become so proficient you can make that difference you want. Wrongs accounted for was the goal of my Mentor, with each life accountable. I accept virtual hugs happily. Thank you!

  3. Connie. . .Connie, My brother Edward died December 6, 2020, he was 98 and in Pearl Harbor also on the infamous December 7, 1941. Do you think the two of them possibly knew one another? Both sailors and both on duty. It is such a small world . I made another ocean for the two of them when your email arrived. Has no one asked why oceans are salty?

    • Keep the line in mind always Catherine that says listen to your heartbeat. It beats for all of your commitments, loving and lovable. How important you are to this life, you cannot estimate. Your power will carry you home this time also. Stay close.

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