The Sages Kick Start. . .


( when afraid the boot comes down.)

I keep on hand stenographer tablets  to jot down notes I think important in rereading the journal entries.  I came across this  poem thoughts.  I do not know when I wrote it nor what entry prompted it.  I may have been deeply focused in thought with someone.  I remember the first line glimpse I had, but not the rest of the poem.  I share this with you who do some serious work on yourselves wondering your place in the skein of things. 

It is good to keep a tablet for quiet times also.  Noting always what you remember of your journey in thought.  Thinking is the hardest work we do.  It is why it is avoided.  It will be an interesting resume to read one day and with whom you cavort.  It will be noted how much fragile handling one gives oneself.

The Sages Kick Start. . .

I caught a glimpse of one
I thought lecturing except
a black robe and cap she wore
and then disappeared.

Only once, a glimpse,
except the wonder of why it stays.
I wish to bury it and rest. .  .please.

I find the lessons I repeat
over and over and I tire of them.
Why can they not sleep?
I have gleaned what this brain
can accommodate and it is not pretty.

The Sages ask the teachers
to continue teaching because
they do not remember the passion
this Earth requires to make real
the lessons..

The passion was mine
as it rumbled the belly of me
through almost a hundred years
of family and friends and values.

What better way to  present
life’s reasons to kick start
the wheel of progress called Evolution
from stagnant ruts?

We leave it to you, they say,
to tell them to not step
on their kinders’ heads and
take their knees off the necks
of the different ones because they are afraid
often only because. . . because  . . .

The different ones make them afraid
when the world thinks of the different ones,
as having courage. 

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