just for you. . .you are worth it to me!. . . . . .

I guess one could call me legitimately broken as a human being this morning.  I sit here with my headband made of 1 inch elastic stretched to the measurement of my head covered with a casing of fabric to look a bit fashionable. It helps a head that hurts with no side effects like pharmaceuticals.

With a neck support with Velcro closures to keep a head upright and not collapsing.  And I just found a box the right height to elevate my leg.  In their right mind the patient should head for bed?  Certainly.

But in me is a story about recycling.  And how when television came into our homes with a promise of showing us how to do creative things, what it did too many times was to give leverage to the envious to murder the creative impulse in the young at heart. 

The first attempts were not professional as the viewed painters and sewers and builders.  But the dreamers had the burgeoning desires to do and all that was needed was a ‘good try!’  or keep doing!

Too often the words heard were leave the work to the professionals who are paid to do it.  And the desire dies with the young and they are relegated to the growing list of spectators who are entertained. 

Or the desire dies with the adults who never attempt and never know the deep satisfaction of creating something out of a raw idea.

I do not know how to inject the desire, or how to infect one with a virus for learning.  I sit on the edge of the bed and urge my body to begin the day for there are things to be done.  I want to try them before my name is called with an offer I cannot refuse. 

I recently learned how to make useful yardage with bits of fabric fused onto web and cut into shapes such as the flowers in the vase.  Exciting!  Nothing wasted!  Useful as  it for me to do that.  Just for you.well as beautiful!  And fun.  I can make fun quilts and pretty wall hangings to catch the sun and bring smiles to the children as they race to catch up to the mornings. 

And they in turn will see possibilities that will take courage and perseverance to try and in the face of the Do Nothings who discourage them go ahead and make a difference and the classroom goes forward another day.  And maybe that is all that is required.

Holding it all together just for another day.  You would be worth it for me to do that.  Just for you.


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  1. Veronica Hallissey: A Renaissance Woman – A mother, a toy maker, a wall quilt artist, a poet, an author, a blogger. An inspiration. A steward of this spaceship Earth. Thank you for making me aware of the many worlds and universes that surround us. Thank you for your continuing friendship of 56 years. And on this very special day, Happy Birthday! 5/25/2021

  2. Dearest Grandma, I am thinking of you and seeing your smiling face as I type this message for you on this milestone birthday. Oh what a gift you have been to me and to our family! Your kindness and love have touched each one of us in unique ways. Although we have only known each other for 20 short years, we have shared many beautiful moments together to reflect upon with joy. I am grateful and proud to be a member of the Hallissey family you created with Grandpa, may he rest in peace. You have always been genuine with me and challenged me to express my values and beliefs in words and conversation. God bless you and the unique ways you use words and phrases to express your point of view and experiences in this Life. Today on this 90th birthday I wish you joy in your heart. I wish for your mind to continue to create words and thoughts and ideas that flow to your lips and fingertips. And may your soul be filled with love, the same love I have for you. Happy birthday Grandma! ❤️❤️

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Veronica!!. You bring so much light into a world that sorely needs it. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and reflections. And for teaching is how to care for the young ones. May your day be beautiful and your next trip around the sun! Blessings on you always!

  4. My dear friend Veronica,

    Happiest of birthdays!

    In another century (indeed!), I sat with you and others on Nona Street. It simply did not occur to me then that today would come and we would remain so tightly connected. How very fortunate we are (especially me).

    You have had an important hand in shaping me and are part of the fiber of my being. You have taught me, you have inspired me, you have challenged me, you have guided me, you have comforted me, and, most of all, you have loved me for who I am. For this, I send you my deepest gratitude and love.

    I am holding you close, today and always.

  5. Dear Veronica, it’s so like to you give a gift to us for your birthday. I’ve heard you’re turning 90 so Happy Birthday to you.
    You continue to inspire me with your words and how you live your life, doing what you can when you can. I admire how you let your creativity thrive in whatever way it will. In whatever way you are able to make it happen.
    I feel blessed to know you, even if we can’t visit for tea, as I wish we could. For me you are the Mother Tree, sending your wisdom and nourishment to those around you. Bless you, Love Maria

  6. email from Jeanne. . . . Hope you have an amazing Birthday as you are one of the most interesting and special people I know. Love to you. The Zajac family

    • I am a few days late ~ Sending Love & Birthday wishes that have no boundaries. I hope your day was filled with love & light & joy & promise. You have brought so much insight to this earthside journey ~ for that gift of wisdom I will be Forever Grateful to you Aunt Vera. I Love You

  7. email from Jode. . . .

    Hope you are having a wonderful day! May your year be filled with good health & happiness! Love ya! Jody

  8. Email from Al

    Comments: You have a milestone birthday coming up this week. Hope you have a wonderful birthday week and celebrate appropriately. Happy 90th Birthday. Wish we could be there to celebrate with you. Thanks so much for all the thoughts and poems you share with us through your Blog.

  9. email from Mark. . .

    Comments: Dear Grandma, When we first met, you were only in your 50s. However, I remember you always called yourself old. Now as we celebrate your 90th birthday, I understand that what you really meant is that you have an old soul. This is certain and is the reason you have so much wisdom to share with all of us. Thank you for 90 years of sharing your gifts with humanity. We are all the more richer for them. I send you all my love for a happy birthday and look forward to many more years of learning from you, my wise Grandma! Love, Mark

  10. email from Joan. . . .
    Comments: Hi, Ronnie, This is from your old neighbors across the alley back in the day, Joan and George Arrick. Also, teachers who had Tresy and John as students and athletes. We want to wish you a great Happy 90th Birthday, and know that we miss all of you still to this day. Much love, Joan and George

    • Happy 90th Birthday, Aunt Veronica! We all wish you much love, happiness and light!
      Much love,
      Christina, Xavier and Benita Socha

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