As I See It. . .


As I See It . . . .

There are no more answers anywhere except those written within the individual on his heart.  It is all there for him to discover and what he discovers will be adequate for this time.  It works to cover tracks and to discover just one more truth which will enlighten what has already been learned.  For one it will be fine.  For another, it is not.

Everyone has a piece of the rock.  A piece of the truth.  This is correct.  To be able to ensnare the entirety in one fell swoop would be to discourage and dismantle the psyche.  It can be done but it would undo the Pilgrim.  The psychological trauma would put the psyche on the shelf forever.  For who would have the courage to attempt another try?

Our need determines our intent.  And the caliber of teacher we require.  The divine within is called into conference and the work begins.  The journey only begins when the present becomes unbearable and the future unthinkable. 

We Lift Our Heads . . . .

We lift our heads as we face our Source.
We give thanks for these gifts
beginning our day;
a body without pain
and heart that beats steadily
and ears that hear clearly.
For these gifts we are grateful.

Open us and allow not one bird
to miss our thank you for his song and
allow not the breeze to be without
gratitude for its breath.

Take this day
and use us for Thy purpose
for we will be at a loss when time in space
cannot be breached by thought
and the abyss cannot be spanned by a leap.

Let our thoughts be more than a footnote
in the story of this day

and our lives lived with compassion.


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