A Very Hard Road. . . .


I  speak of psychic phenomena as it is known  and why.  The why is simple because it cannot be legislated to testing and not an across the board human endeavor.  And to explain what Jesus meant when he said gather talents that moth and rust do not destroy; not so easy sometimes when one is clueless.  Those talents are ours forever and we take them from world to world.  What do you think life everlasting means?

Phenomena cannot be legislated because the work of learning to live with the present world and its accommodation require an earnest desire to learn.  And these talents because they are seldom book learned or detailed, become an inner knowledge that make it impossible to teach.  It is more of a knowing than information.

 We try to explain reasons why seventy five percent of the world believe in many lives and many loves and  we in the western sphere drag our feet.  If we went to the ancient shelves of the library, we would  find ourselves immersed with the worlds’ fine minds in grappling with  phenomena that is as common as breathing to most of the world.  And see case studies verified with present day data.

I have kept journals, poetry, memos and manuscripts I have written,  created and also scribed.  Focusing inward was necessary for what I am able to do.  I have kept accounts of dreams that have backed up poetry and scribed lessons that had teachers quiz on what I connected.  And why it is necessary for honesty in one’s character when attempting a journey of this magnitude.

Because we are more than what we present, it is good to have substantiation with back up.  I have written about the VIP who came across the room in Germany and asked why did I not mention I would be here when we met in Paris last week?  I wrote of this incident recently on my blog.  I wrongly thought I had had the most recent dream of me as a  French Grandmother who was going to a granddaughter’s birthday party.  I thought it was a Michigan dream before we moved but alas,  it was a March 21, 2018 journal entry here in California. 

I had even mentioned in the dream being unfamiliar preparing the French food.  It also brought to mind  finding me upright in bed speaking fluent French a mile a minute.  My husband pulled me down and said go back to sleep. 

There is feedback in dreams and a good feeling when something syncs with an entry or poem or memo.  There is what is called bleed through from  other realms though sometimes  mundane.  But often it is important enough to hope that my input is of quality,  the highest and best of what I can offer. 

We are more than what we appear.  We often spook others out and seem weird and different.  The reasons are many, mostly because of our history of many lifetimes.  But Jesus said that when he mentioned  the twig is bent and so grows.  Did you not think you came from a somewhere?

Some of us are newbies, and some of us ancient history.   And being the forever student,  I chalked up many lifetimes learning as much as I could.  Being a teacher at heart, I wish for those whose talents are many like our great grand 3 year old  who made the connection when  shown a drawing of a dancer on my blog and said to her parents,  ‘the reason I walk on my toes is that I was a dancer before I was a baby.’ 

My cup runneth over.    I am glad I did not know the wait to hear myself affirmed would be almost a hundred years.  It is a hard road to go.                                                                                                                                             


4 responses to “A Very Hard Road. . . .”

  1. But look at the energy these two bound into their 100 years?

    You were born to be ready for it.

    Mom to these extraordinary girls.

    • Merideth, thank you for the phrase born to be ready. . .Never thought myself in that way but perhaps need to. At least it explains why someone clutched my collar when I tried to slouch toward the exit. . . .

  2. Thank you for sharing the mysteries that you know. And thank you that those mysteries are carried on throughout the generations of your ancestral line. I am Blessed beyond measure to call you Aunt Vera!!!!♡

    • Kathy, only mysteries so called because one has not researched them. It then becomes knowledge and the mystery is gone. But it means work and people balk at the word. Easier to say magic and leave it to their God.

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