Cancel Culture Leaves a God Vacuum. . .

 Journal entry March 11, 2021. . . My thoughts this morning when watching Morning Joe as  reported in The Atlantic.  Discussed what is happening to Christian Belief or Religious Belief with the then emerging cultural canceling and caretaking of the ex -president  Trump.  He gained popularity by saying he will take care of you but meaning he would not allow anyone else take  your whatever belief and abscond with it.

If there was any truth in such a statement, HE would abscond with your belief and you would have a new one and that would be a Trumpism.  We seem to let loose of the mythological god and are woke so to speak.  Lots of things to fill this space, and one of them is political.  Whatever party is chosen, we fill it in depth by how much energy we have.  We can fill it with learning whatever makes us curious.  I gave chase to books and religious dogma and hoped what knowledge I  gained would  make it work for me.

I started with building a philosophy  to understand the enigmatic behaviors of my parental family.   Growing up with siblings put a path in front of me.  Marrying early, commitments played a conscientious role.   Because of circumstances,  children were my primary commitment determining my choices.  In the current era, much does enter one’s vacant space giving rise to behavior which is violent in many ways. 

With what troubles our world and our country, we see the fragility of our democracy in peril.  The health of the world constantly  deserves our concern with epidemics like the  Covid one we still face.  Putin’s  invasion of Ukraine, democracies  shattered with autocratic convulsions with power at play.  And we all know the unrest with high prices, vacant shelves,  and gun violence leaving catastrophic carnage every week in our lives.

In that space where a previous life had a god or many to worship, this empty space has emptiness that waits for a name.  Have we made a difference in this life by depth, kindness in relationships, determination to do good  in actions  that makes our contribution  an enhancement of humankind? I wish for partnership  to the undergirding of ethical structure that holds the Universes in mythological hands but Magnificent Heart.  To call it Magnificent Heart is inadequate, but we have no words I know of so this will have to do with open potential.

You  also make independent study a daily habit because to parent  one needs to do one’s very best.  To accompany you in this venture, you  choose a mentor, visible or invisible as you contribute to life as best you can.  This is life in the vernacular, being woke as you must be.  Your progeny will push against you,  the Goad, and you will not run away. It may take a hundred years to do this but you will do this and you will  be proud.

I scribed the teacher’s ending to the entry paraphrasing  March 11, 2021. .  ‘it was so hard going.  We knew you hoped one of the children would be sick to stay home from school, because you had no energy to continue the study.  Yet you did  when the door closed and went to the desk to begin again.  And to hold yourself together because you were filling the vacuum that already was a hole deep in your heart.  We still talk  of the world you wanted to fill with meaning that would keep mankind warm when the night came knocking on his soul and asked, who is home?’

((and I will answer  (I wrote)  a God Participant, whose potential is undetermined.  I have secured the children and now we begin.  Building a world on loam and soil whose bedrock will be the foundation whose housing will not shift.  We are guided and give good guidance to our commitments.  And do what we must.  Thank you for the guidance.  And trust.’ ))

Amen and amen.

artwork by Claudia Hallissey


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