Mavericks Wear Many Costumes. . .

January 14, 1990 Journal Entry. . . 

I was reading Jane Robert’s ‘Unknown Reality’ and came across her channel Seth saying about a world where the Sciences were directed in another way.  Instead  of  outside of  oneself, the detached observation of outside influences, for instance, studying an amoeba all by itself instead of in its relationship to conditions of Man and other consciousness.  I read where  there was a world that operated from intent and emotion within and these were the criteria by which all things were judged.

I have lived my life this way  and did not know there was any other way.  I see and feel the intent of everything and though words can by themselves convince, they cannot convince me because intuitively and innately I operate from the way I am.  I know I repeat but when my world traumatically toppled and my first psychiatrist asked me what I saw when  I go down Michigan avenue, I told him and when I finished minutes later, he whistled through his teeth.  You realize others don’t see what you see, he said.  I said nothing and he said,  you don’t.

I was scared out of my head and said nothing. For my 36 years I thought I was like everybody else. I use words with precision that run on a micro chip in my mind. Too often I heard why do you have to be different.

Mutations in life occur when there is sufficient stress and motivation that produces a pulsing against, a tension within the gene. When conditions are ripe, many mutations occur. There is a change that takes place in the genetic influence. And this change, due to intent and motive, will eventually change the course of the world.

Certain behaviors will be visible, but they will be modified when keenly felt. We have already seen this and to me being close to a hundred years, lives have become lifestyles and not lives learning.  The truth of genetic changes being seen is difficult to prove to Scientists whose instruments only read what the reader reads. For the one who stumbles on information due to inner guidance, evident changes because of genetic influence will baffle many.

They will say if it cannot be proved in the laboratory, it is not real. Yet silent mavericks are among us.

Structured guidelines will loosen and ideas different from dogma will be forthcoming. Coming down from his mountaintop experience, Jesus said his Father’s house had many rooms. Not that he could say many worlds because man could not relate  when man’s world ended at the horizon. He also said that as a twig is bent so shall it grow meaning  bent it already was with a history. And no doubt dragging a foot still in a previous world. Also said at the time was that Earth is a reflection of heaven and heaven earth’s reflection.

One thing from the book ‘Unknown Reality’ from Seth, Jane Robert’s channel, haunts me still and I do not remember reading it, but it is seated in my root being and has guided me forever it seems as Shakespeare’s ‘To thine own self be true. Thou then cannot be false to any man’. 

Seth through Jane said that the striving of one increases the potentiality of Everything That Is.   And this places great responsibility upon every consciousness.

One sees one’s connections then and the work needing to be done. It is enough to take one’s breath .

   Artwork by Lucinda Cathcart      


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