Why Hope Springs Eternal . . . .

The Road To Damascus. . .
And Paul,
on the road to Damascus,
unaware of forces pulling at his thought
was none the less surprised.
In the privacy of mind,
how could an invasion of thought
not his own be in conference?
So it is, in the wars of the visible
and invisible worlds,
the supremacy for power does not stop.
Our worlds!  Claim the gods. . .
My world!  Claims the pilgrim.
One in partnership till man tasted the lust for power.
Lest we lose this, the best of all classrooms,
brotherhood is still the dream and our hearts
still too unripe to embrace its benevolence.
But its power of magnetism still attracts
what prompted this dream
that catapulted us
to give search to the meaning to the why of us.

December 10, 2017

Journal Entry August 16, 1989….Why. . . is the perpetual cry. . .

And there is no answer.  There truly is not.  If there were an answer there would be rote and ritual.  There should be circumscribed ways of doing things and all of the excitement, all of the sparkle would be gone.

So with the unrest also comes hope that somehow, someone, someway will come up with something to solve a situation that has not been thought of, has not been tried.


Not because a god will step in, but man with his diverse ways and histories will bring together thinking that may yet save a people, a species, a world, a planet.

Hope that has not been tried before with no results will come forth from someone or that someone will overcome a barrier and do the unthinkable, the impossible, and the unlikely and this time it will work.  He or she will overcome their aversion and hug the person.  They will forgive and all will be forgiven.  They will unlock that door that bars the pilgrim entry and will be hailed the miracle.

Will you be the one who will create peace within chaos and will bring diverse people together, if only within your house?  That will be all that is necessary.  Nothing else would for if just one place had peace within its walls, all places would eventually have peace.

The one to do this must do the footwork to achieve what is hoped for.  That all the psychological devices and reasons have been tried and one is ready to throw in the towel.  To get to this place one loses self to the greater self and knows there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Fear handicaps and narrows the focus with unfortunate results.  We have lived for too long with those results.  Because the footwork has been done, the drummer now heard has new direction slated.

We may yet save a people, a world, a planet and this best of all classrooms.

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  1. I don’t always believe it Veronica, but I do believe in hope and have to have it to get through every day. And what you write makes sense to me. it seems to happen again and again.

    • Maria, I don’t know where it came home to me, but no doubt when I fell someone picked me up and it was then I knew that the smallest act of kindness by us is always noted and passed on and we are given another day. Kindnesses shown are a Given to all of us. Our only obligation is to pass it on. Thank you for commenting. Veronica

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