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It has been awhile since I posted, being unsure of a topic when this world is inundated with so many problems.  My last thoughts of the night were of  solar trees I had drawn from a dream and I wish to share again.

On November 19, 2019 I read  that Bill Gates had unveiled a project  aimed at saving our planet.  Immediately coming to mind was this drawing entered in my journal in September 9, 1991.  I had already  posted the gentle fishes I drew from a dream in 2017.  Understand my family was uninterested in my journals or my dreams and thought them boring.  But I continued and spoke whenever there was an open ear. 

Life jars us awake when least expected with events unthought.  Moving to California and installing solar panels, I showed the sketches to son John.  Ahead of your time, Ma, he said, ahead of your time.  There obviously are worlds where other forms of energy are utilized.

I wrote in the journal. . . (What I thought were trees in the vision, shaped like trees were not, were they?  They somehow brought energy to run houses without chimneys.  I wish  I had credentials to back me up, but I probably would not have taken this seriously.)

I could not have envisioned this on my own nor have thought one day to be living here in California where solar panels would  offset the high cost of electricity.  But I had  sketched other worlds where gentle fishes and houses without chimneys were evidenced.  I had heard of Rachel Carson and her worries for this planet.  I had other immediate concerns needing attention and prioritized.

(the following quotes are scribed from August 12, 1987 concerning the worlds I know. . .)  we are using what you do to the fullest extent and you will be remembering more and more of where you have been. . .  The worlds you inhabit are worlds most avoid because they are unfamiliar and cause discontent and frighten.  You appear where you are needed and the one looking for you appears where you are.

They are not just one world.  There are places of beauty that still the heart.  Places of poverty that touch the living heart and strum with songs of despair that cannot but help but be heard.  There are barren places, lush places and places that speak of the mind.)

And other worlds watch with eagle sight what we do in our handling of issues that have direct effect on their welfare as evidenced by our compassion or lack of.  The moment presents a full plate for us and we plead only one world to handle at a time. 

But I must inject this.  Often we use kindergarten ways to solve problems best suited to gravity dimensions, large, cumbersome and sometimes we think sleek.  To broaden and enhance life of many forms in worlds unknown (to us) requires fine minds and characters vetted to degrees still unmeasured.  Think on it.  Vetted characters unmeasured coupled with undisputed fine minds would be necessary to relate to matched worlds. Who qualifies?

But transition from physical life involves us eventually.    For beloveds we utterly hope for what heaven we envision and for ourselves we hope the night is kind.   

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