Life Demands Understanding . . . .

The missing link for me was during the Clarence Thomas hearings when my sister was visiting and we watched till all hours.  I was knitting in the corner and what I heard had me shout what did he say?  And she said that Joe Biden said that Man cannot put in what God has left out.

That was the missing link for me in my independent study of why no matter the love involved, unless the footwork has been done, growth is hindered. 

Whether the idea of God or Good is Religious, ethical or simply Life enhancement for all alive, it will be the best and highest that you give thought.  Your difference will be significant.  A belief system worth its salt must be adhered and applied daily because the each has a high system of conduct that whatever   you believe gives life to you, has a demand for its understanding that must be adhered to carry you through life.  Else you need a support system of at least one to pick up what you cannot.

These past months have brought heartache to many and unrest not to be believed.  The Supreme Court’s ruling on Roe v Wade brought many to the frontlines.  Memory is still alive for me when decisions were only made with the sayso of husbands.  The ability for all to marry  whom we wish will be on the line to take away as easily as the 50 years we had as women to make judgments concerning our bodies.

But how to take away memory?  What will they do with someone like me?  Or the many babies being born with open heads and a foot still in the world from which they come.  Dare I write and say that perhaps the gay person has memory of what gender they were apriori?    Or maybe they know for sure that what gender they inhabit now is diverse  of what and who they are.

The almost   4 year old  told this grandmother when she asked if he had a happy time with cousin Maryann.  Not Maryann, but Olivia he said.  From where?  You know grandma, you know, he tiredly said, in that place where we wait to get born. 

And the mother of a daughter almost four told me that her daughter said  she walks on her toes because she was a dancer before she came to her as a baby.

There must be thought given to what we teach as life everlasting.  Perhaps it means exactly that, forever and forever.  When we are rested, we take to the road again, forever and forever.  There is no resting on a cloud or guitar playing or walking golden streets.  There are vineyards needing plowing and planting though there are wine casks when grapes are ready.

I scribed this on May 3rd , 2022 when this was written for the last paragraph. . .( all this has to be done with an eye to the progress society has made and also to what has been an incomplete seal in the human body that has resulted  in memory being open to the last gender accommodated by the soul in transit.

Who knows for sure veronica, who knows for sure.  And who wants to play god?  Who would rather be at home with an open head than to take on a body in society where this kind of behavior has met with such derision for so long?  And could only be spoken as an abomination in the old testament as it did  by the scribers who had not the centuries of questions plaguing yours.)

art by Claudia Hallissey


4 responses to “Life Demands Understanding . . . .”

  1. email from Trish. . .

    Yes, Veronica, I understand your meaning, and agree. “The power of good that thought generates.” And “Life demands understanding” as indeed it does.

    Thank you for your gift.

  2. Email from Suzanne Tate

    Another amazing post, Veronica. You make me think, re-read, and think again! You are a rare and viable source for me and you keep me involved.

  3. Trish. . . For a lifetime I ground my heart to find reasons for what was not healed . And Life Demands Understanding is the result of that lifetime of footwork. And it so follows, does it not Trish, that thought generates power? It does, it does. And as we the each, the each, take it home to ourselves, we then begin the journey again. And this time what generates our Spirits with animation will give us the power of knowledge. Thank you for you insight.

  4. Suzanne, The heavens do not let us go when they find a student eager to learn. Even when we tire , patience awaits to journey again. It is a good thing when the lesson resonates and the weight of the words feeds our minds. The weight of words seek our meanings and we have lifetimes of experience to call upon. Journey well, friend , journey well.

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