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We are bringing to close another year with what are special gifts.    It is the gift of gratitude for life, of a peace not yet finished and a state of mind that is in itself a miracle.  These are limited only by focus and not by belief systems.  They are adopted in varying degrees by all worlds.

Christmas is a Christian Holyday of great belief.  For those of different thought,  it is a state of mind as well as a condition and time in the heart and welcomed. 

I once wrote that I wondered why as a country we were not loved.  And my conclusion was that it was envy.   Because people come to our borders together in love even though their roots may be in other countries.  And other countries are convinced it will never work.  Sometimes it works well and then not but we work harder.

Their children mingle and fall in love and bring children of many colors into our world.

We may not understand nor believe as our neighbors.  But we work for their acceptance as we have been accepted.  It is a process and a continuing work.  We do not let go of this wondrous dream experiment in time called democracy. 

And the rest of the world huddles in their winter coats and wonder the stagnation of their breaths. 

We are equal to the gift and we will show and live our gratitude in all ways we can. 

Because this vehicle I drive for these almost a hundred years has become road weary,  I give a rest somewhat and send this card to all of you in this manner.

It is one of my favorites and humbles me in ways that drives me to my knees.  We may not be able to share our brothers’ beliefs,  but we can hold the candle as he makes his way up.  I hold my candle with love.

A blessed holyday in your heart from mine.

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  1. email from John Holmes. . . I’ll stand with you and hold the candle of another. Together we’ll brighten that corner of the world. And others will join us.

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