And is god enough . . . . .of course. . .


So Who Cares. . . Nobody they say. . .

Except you know you do. . .
All it takes is just one I hear,
to look for the sun to rise each morning. . . .
to look at the moon at night and wonder,
. . . . where home is. . .
to keep the world turning on its axis.

Just one to hear the promise that
the rose will bloom along the fence
in the dead of winter. . .
to have the promise  ring  true. . .
and the world to hold its shape.

To have just one
to care enough to rail
and fill the hunger for love
of just one child to the grave,
when the child is harbored abandoned
in the big body, still . .  

Brains and body parts halt in growth,
except to clone another just like themselves.
But who cares?  You do.

Your Teacher said . . suffer the little children,
tolerate them for he gave unsparingly of himself
to assuage the Unmerciful God from the first book,
though for untold centuries
mankind tried to gain tender mercies . . . . . .

The greatest hurdle. . the Everest to climb
is the not knowing.

Are you the ‘only’ who cares?
You think you are not so different. . .
like others?   And they care too?
Not sure you might be the ‘only’ who cares. . .

to feed and nestle the babe
before you turn off the light,
. . .but  someone needs to stay the night . .

so who else cares  . . .

  . . . . and is god. . . .enough?      Of course.


artwork by Claudia Hallissey       

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