Life’s Adjuncts . . . like me. . . .

Life’s Adjuncts  . . .

 It seems I drive my family crazy trying to follow my thinking.  My mate of many years said too many times that George did not say what  I repeated  George said.  I looked my mate straight in the eye and said then I elevated George’s thinking.  Eyebrows shot up and the guest grinned at the table and I said you hope that when I repeat your words, I give them my understanding.  In other words,  elevate your thoughts also.

You see when we come into this world, my Mentor said as the twig is bent, so shall it grow.  The twig is bent.  We come with a history.  Meaning we come from a someplace, adding information or learning to our substance.  For some of us, many someplace(s).

What I try at this time is to broaden the maxim,  ‘at the end we become more of what we were in the beginning’.  That is if we were a bratty child, if there was no teaching that took, at the end, an adult  in body, but bratty child we still are.  You will be entering the portals as you were so to speak  and maybe that is all right with you.  But what we hope for is the advancement of humankind,  people we hope make a jumpstart to enhance life in all dimensions.  For what you do for one, my Mentor said, you do for all.  And we hope for good.

Otherwise what is the point?  We will all tire of the games, I can assure you.  And we will all be singing as Peggy Lee did years ago, is that all there is?  And we will think that learning is a lost cause and no longer will we care if school keeps because it makes no difference then even to us.

So the title of this brief essay is Life’s adjuncts.  Meaning we give the broader meaning to life  to enhance life for all, or there is no meaning.  And we go glub for the last time with a so who cares? 

Excuse me?  You will always have me to contend with because I care.  And I am a life adjunct.  A real one called Veronica.


Enough, always. . .

Glinting off the edges
of my eyes is consciousness;
pure and simple and great.

Yielding wonderful
and excellent gifts to feed a world,
to house a country, to bring relief
to a mind asking questions.

 Enough for this time on earth,
enough to keep
a dream in motion.

Enough always.


artwork by
Claudia Hallissey

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