The Invisible Challenge . . . .



The Invisible Challenge . . .

           I post today a subject close to my heart and mind that boundaries in thought  subject our young people in ways detrimental to their growth and honesty.  It comforts the adults to be sure but the relationship goes nowhere.

         With Sunday’s go to church approaching, we are in a place where we can remedy our focus in the ‘twig is bent’ and add direction forward but being already bent, means we come with a history and if not completely sealed, we have memory.  We should be asking memory from where.

         The where being life everlasting, world without end. Not given to understanding or curiosity, why work so hard?    Since we consider the mind  a gift, we appreciate also the responsibility.  Leaders in religion too often teach by rote with no hope of revelation.  As a recent pope opined as to his lack of accomplishments, caught as he entered his vehicle, he said ‘Jesus sleeps.’

         When we limit by our lack of study, we limit by fear what the young could offer in lieu of being mental. How to know they were happier being Other?  Memory?

          If  everlasting life and world without end were understood and not illusion, memory would then be authentic for knowing when Other they were happier.   And who goes noted in this day as  dealing with the invisible world?  Except yours truly arriving with a foot still in her last world. 

         It is not fun and games.  Isolation is more the status. If invisible life were acknowledged, and there is more than sufficient knowledge, it would be easier to say I remember being happier ‘Other’,  keeping our young authentic.

         With proper counseling and time doing its healing, the conclusion reached would be less traumatic.  Susan Howatch, in returning to Oxford, wrote in a work, that some philosophers  believe that human nature cannot grasp the concept of reality at all.  There are some people whose brains have matured with areas open to the invisible challenge. 

        It is not an easy journey at best.  But the young are closer to being born than those of us chasing the century at closing.  They should not carry what we chose not to work through. 

       More’s the pity.

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