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Life Anywhere Is Our Destiny. . . .


Life Anywhere Is Our Destiny. . .

It is sweet breathing the elixir of rarified air and to be alive anywhere always is our destiny.  Life is everlasting.  We seem to forget that in the midst of making a living.  It is necessary knowledge in making a life.

The Master said suffer the little children to come and we suffer as they refuse to grow up.  Somehow to continue the playthings of the child is thought to be appealing and charming and essential to enter heaven if there was one.

As a result we see no progress being made where growth is necessary for the betterment of mankind or peace amid cultural differences.  We see ‘king of the mountain’ and ‘my god is better than your god’ still the games of the big in body children.

The Master spoke from a knowledge which was written in blood and bowed only to his greater self, a participant to the becoming of the Greater Mind.

The Our Father, Otche Nash of the Universe is the glowing ascent of man’s bowing to the Greater Mind.  All minds contribute to the vastness of it.  All input is regarded of major dimension.  We contribute to the All in All.

It is time that man sees what it is he contributes.  He is here to grind out a living from rock.  He is here to chisel an understanding with mallet in hand.

He has to grow up and be accountable.

A Truth. . .

I was told
that life is everlasting,
everlasting and everlasting.

And when my mind and my heart
and the fabric of who I am
accepted this statement,
I found I was very tired.

But I am reminded that still to come
are worlds of promise, whose substance
I have only glimpsed.

I, too,  remember my eagerness to taste of the apple.



Great Songs Will Be Sung. . . .



We need to come to a place now and again when it is necessary to find a mind matched to ours so we can for all purposes say all that is heavy on our hearts.  With no explanation necessary because our route has been followed step by step;  to hear the words,  I held your heart in my hand for safekeeping and here it is, whole. 

And in a whisper would come the words,  I thought it fractured beyond repair!   We are embraced knowing instantly that we were not abandoned to do it alone. 

We prepare then to venture another time to come with the sweet knowledge that great songs will be sung again.

Great Songs Will Be Sung. . .

Should you find the need
to tell your story in words,
think mightily on them and
they will be caught up
in the air’s currents and carried
on the birds’ wings.

They will reach the ears
they were designed for.  You will find
that you are not alone in this universe
and you will be heard.

And when the thoughts reach
the places in the heart of an Other

great songs will be sung again.                                      


Mind Benders. . . .

I consider it fun doing research and often I come upon something that deserves more thought.  With the quote comes more research about what the author meant.  I call them mind benders.  It is about discovering what meaning it has given to my life.  The following are simple but a storehouse of depth within. 

Mind Benders. . .

A house needs a Grandma in it.                      Louisa May Alcott


That which is not good for the beehive cannot be good for the bees.
                                                                    Marcus Aurelius  C161AD


The battle for conservation is part of the eternal conflict between right and wrong.                                                                                                                            John Muir


Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or imbeciles who really mean it.                                                                                                                           Mark Twain


The intellect of the wise is like glass; it admits the light of heaven and reflects it.          Augustus Hare


To believe what is true for you is true for all men.                                                           Ralph Waldo Emerson


We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark;  the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the Light.                                                                                                                                               Plato


You become what you feed your mind.                                                                           Veronica Hallissey


photo of Northern Michigan
by Joe Hallissey Sr.


Sometimes From a Distance. . . .


Sometimes From a Distance. . .

I recently told my readers that I would post the fisherman’s hat which I knit with thick and burly yarn.  Aging plays havoc with arthritic fingers and new ways have to be found to do the things I once found great pleasure in doing. 

Or told myself that I was contributing to mankind’s evolution by holding conference with the sages long forgetting what contemporary earth life was like.  I knitted in various colors shapes of sweaters and mittens and socks, waiting for loves to come home from whatever dreams they were dreaming. 

An aged one was asked how she became so wise when her life could not afford formal education.  She simply said, I knit.  And they who know don’t speak and they who speak, don’t know.  It has always been thus.

Once one sat hunched with crooked fingers and heavy thread boiled in herbal waters, subtle as the earth was, and knit the garments that did not pretend other than keeping out the cold.  Her thoughts were in conference with the sages and questioned what plagued her mind. 

And I sit here now questing still because the hunched back of one sat and with gnarled hands knitted into my mind those questions centuries before me.  And I am grateful.  The quarter inch progress in evolution has my progeny accessing what I could not.

Because I know. . .

I see worlds in motion, taking a portion
of each one’s talent for their own survival.

This is what I do with my hands,
this motion of knitting yarns to form a piece
of world to fit the mind of an elusive soul.

See here, I, content in what I do, I free a soul to do
the Great God’s bidding
in keeping only one world in motion.

See again. . . I give of my Self in this time,
to free an Other to build what may be
the perfect Universe or many.

So content, this that is mine to see, a great plan,
a strategy, unheard of.  It may not be for centuries
that my knitting fingers will alert the senses
of a soul to keep in motion, a Life, a Being, an Idea.

Sit here with me. . . and show my hands what to do
and they will do. . .The task, so simple will gather
other talents and make for itself
the grand design, futures down the line.

A bidding the nature of what
has never been seen before.
I know it and because I know,

you will know it also.


(Modeling the fisherman hat is Mela , our
newest addition to our family.)



The Great Ahhhhman. . . . .

Your Answers Will Be Sufficient. . . .

The path to understanding the other is begun by understanding ourselves.  When we begin the inward path to self knowledge, we can then view ourselves with compassion and then view others with compassion.  All knowledge is applicable to the self.

It is not worthy of the name if we use it to manipulate and maneuver the other.  Then it is a game and all the world knows this game.  It is played all the time and with huge stakes.  Insight implies that the sight will be applied inward.  If it is not, it becomes manipulative of the other.

It is said that some individuals take everything personally.  That is why we have Earth Life.  If it cannot be applied inwardly and used for growth, of what purpose is it.  Granted, some things are just for fun.  But laughter, genuine laughter cleanses the toxic wastes from swollen glands.  It is good and refreshing  to be able to laugh at oneself.

It is only the secure one who can afford to sing in the shower and to yodel with the grandest opera shows a security not too many demonstrate.  To be able to take life lightly displays a growth not to be measured in the local currency.  It is the individual who has gone the route  and has placed things in their proper perspective.

It is only with inward growth can we see that life is not a death matter, that our selfhood does not depend on the trends of the moment, that our lives do not depend on what importance the world credits but what our own premises are.

Who we are, what we are, where we come from and to where we go is not adolescent fare.  It is the meat of our lives and the wine of our maturity.  To understand the why of ourselves, why am I, is the beginning.   It is not downhill all the way but to those who reveal themselves, to them it will be revealed.

To be able to say I know and am known is a beginning of the long trek homeward.  You will not be destroyed but you will construct on solid ground with secure footings.  Shifting sands will not trouble you and your own eternal why is on the way to being answered.

Your answers will be sufficient for you.


(excerpt from The Rib Cage. . . )

For in that place in you
which rocks with pain
and fills the night with cries,
we hear. . .

There is no thing that fails
to place itself forever in the Universe.
All is seen, all is heard and from
the rib cage housing the great heart,
the ethers carry

the great Ahhhhh Man. . . .


art by Claudia Hallissey


Two Best Buddies. . .

Two Best Buddies. . .

I was at the sink in our home in Florida when grandson Josh came in with this bear and I gasped!  When I found my voice I asked if he was staying.  The answer was we don’t know if he fits.  Fits whom, what or where?  After a few skirmishes,  Leroy fit our hearts nicely.  That was in May of 2015 and he weighed 120 lbs.

Locations changed and he made the trip with son John and Rottweiler Cooper in the car to California.  After a few incidents we settled in our present home and Leroy and Cooper were at home again.  He was a free dog (there is no such thing) because his family needed to find another home for him when conditions changed.

He is a Newfoundland and now weighs in at 185 lbs or thereabouts.  I thought when first seeing him that he was not very smart looking and had a face only a mother could love.  And he drools and has allergies.  But I learned he is very smart but a goofball.

He is a love and here you see him sit with his good buddy sizing up the situation.  Leroy waits patiently for John.  I am the food lady with treats.  He can tell time and alerts me to his dinnertime.  He finds me wherever I am and I say give me five and I put up my hand.  He settles down and is quiet until I am ready to get his meal.

He is still young so his enthusiasm shakes his entire body.  When he has authorized a visit of someone, he allows them be.  He is not just a dog,  but a companion animal.  He is a species we  have created by our need for a kind of companionship we do not find in others; warm in comfort, profusely loving and demanding little from us that we no longer can or wish to give time to.

One can argue the merits of such companions, but cannot argue their presence among us, almost in every household.  I wonder what we would have become without the loving presence of these animals in our lives.

I have a kinship.  I speak to them and pick up their thoughts.  It struck me when the back stairs were icy in Illinois and I told Cooper she would have to go out the front door instead of the back door where she was standing.  She turned around and walked down the hall to the front door and turned to look at me.  Now?

Granddaughter Jessie feels I love dogs more than people.  I laughingly say if I have to come back you will find me in a high tower doing research and raising dogs to anchor my humanity.    That conclusion comes at high cost.


A Convocation of Saints . . .


Not Fun and Games. . .but in communion . .

My eldest in a conversation at one time spoke of the torture of those given knowledge in the inner journey.  He said there was no one with whom to share what has been given so they drag in nobility aspects of it.  He was a young man then and he was right.

The need for physical arms around one is not lessened in the light of cosmic awareness.  If anything it points up painfully how few there are who share or can share in this journey.  It points up even how very few there are who know of what we speak.

The desire to clasp hands across the table with a like mind is so intense that the desire is quickly dismissed with uttered arguments.  Yet they are just moments.

One learns to walk in communion with invisible friends and these times do make the empty house full.  I walked through those rooms with warm woods and the empty house was full.  The voices of long ago loves occasionally break through and ears ache from pressures of invisible friends.  There is a convocation of saints and the company of good minds still present.

I can throw back my head and laugh at a thought co-mingling with mind and know the presence of a kindred spirit.  You have too and to the questioning glances of those standing by explain. . . ‘a thought just struck me funny’ . . .and wish they were such good friends with themselves to be able to laugh out loud.

I can weep with unstoppable tears at ancient anguish hidden within centuries of genetic history.  I am given love and have the capacity to love the Spirit within me and to love the Spirit and struggle of the Other.  I am pieced and peace-d.

And in the company of those who love, I rest.  It is a way station.  The journey is unending.

The Welcome. . .

Come, we walk.  Take my hand.
Lean on me for a time to gain
a respite for a work unending.

I stand by you, ready
to catch you if you fall.
My arms are steady and ready.

I will not stumble, so do not be afraid.
It has been a hard journey
and you tire.

I’ve stood the watch and marveled
at your tenacity, your perseverance.
Though you faltered, you stood upright

without hesitation.  Now breathe easy
for a job well done.  No one
could have done it better.

Welcome to the winner’s circle.
It was worth the run. . . .don’t you think?


There Is A Balance. . . lest we forget. . . .


Too late we learn life holds the sharpest knife.  Cutting the loaf accordingly and with compassion passes the butter.

Retribution for whatever deeds is a commonplace happening but there will always be those who think that the die is not cast by them.  They are and always have been.  That the intricasies of complex living seem too diverse and too extraordinary coats the attitude that all is coincidence.

But it is not.  For every action there is an inaction and a reaction.  Which are one and the same.  An inaction is a decided action in zeroes.  From this there will always be the decided game of chance being played and the players somehow think they will escape the consequences.

But in time, their time, there is a reactive legislation which prevails.  And no thing goes forgotten.  It is written in the wind, so to speak.  And Nature will have her day.  Always.  Life will have its totality, always.

What is sown is also reaped.  People understand this only in the most banal terms.  But all these precepts are ideas of long standing and have come to their own fruition.  Listen well.

Cliché’s are true and have a substance leaking energies which do not dissipate until satisfied.  There is a balance to all of life.  Lest we forget.


A World Made Manifest. . . .


If it was a certainty that world creation was a fact, what kind of world would you create?  If you knew for a fact that your acts upon days upon days created just such a world, how would you change your behavior?  And what would be the attributes you would enhance that world with?

What kind of world would it be?  You think it would be different from where you are now.  It would be filled with actions that would not break hearts by words or deeds   .  It would be filled with responsibility because loving carries responsibility for who and what you love.  Children would be born of love and wanted for the best of what each parent was.  And considered a sacred commitment.

Children will learn early that actions have consequences.  There will be high standards and they will be considered the norm.  There will be values carved out of your heart and experience.  It will be a world of moral values and high hopes and the joy of learning.

And to sustain life,  all systems will adhere to functions that steward the world and Nature in harmony.  It will be a place of growth and it will be matched by those whose values are similar. 

This is the world of your graduation dreams.  One day it will be a fact we work toward because our father’s house has many rooms.  But we were told that but did not know we were all in the creation business.  How special will your world be?

A World Made Manifest. . .

This is a world made manifest
by yearning to touch what
the eye could see.  To be felt
only by hands tender as a baby
still fresh from the womb.

It is the world of thought
that brings forth the birth
of worlds, similar.

Without the need of
fulfilling vendettas, old wars
never fought to frightful finishes.

It will be a world of fresh grasses and
clear waters without the threat of toxins
to maim the brains of those too young
to complain and voice their wishes.

It will be the world that thought
brought to bear on hearts long singed
by ugliness.  Look toward the graduation
of a soul whose transit bears relation

to what life has chosen to negate.
It will be a graduation
of merit, a time for fruitful finishes,

the resulting birth of a yearning heart.


painting by Claudia Hallissey


She Went To The Wedding. . . .

                                                         Emma E. with her Grandfather Hallissey

So She Went To The Wedding. . .

It was an evening affair.  Black and white attire requested if possible and Emma E. complied.  With a flower in her hair.  It was a union of hearts and arms resting about each other all evening.   An uncle was married to a winsome woman and everyone was happy.

Especially the youngest member of the small invited gathering who was never out of sight or hearing.
She even had ear mufflers, sound protectors, in pink to muffle the noise and music at occasions now that are magnified.  I could not attend but I have some wonderful photos taken that have me smiling at how life proceeds amidst changes and fortunately some things virtually unchanged.

Emma E. is almost 10 months old and we are grateful with the wondrous care she receives because as all life should be called, a miracle.  Born at 1 pound 12 ounces,  she has blossomed into a growing, outgoing and curious baby.  Her checkups are wonders in themselves.  Soon she will be walking out the door.  Pray that her guardian angels are alert and not sleeping.  She will try to outsmart them, I’m sure.  And she will.

                                                                       Last week’s photo


photo of Emma E. with grandfather
taken by granduncle, John S. Hallissey


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