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Long Past The Time. . .earth in hostage. . .

(I scribed this on February 24, 2018 and it was posted on that day.   Sadly it bears repeating .)


There are times that call men to action and this is one of them.  It is time that certain ideas give way to the new ideas but ones that have been incubating for a long time within the hearts and minds of those given to thought. 

We are long delayed in giving space to different kinds of consciousness.  Long delayed in giving space to those whose minds and physical brains have doors open to places the average person does not. 

The still mind is a comfort zone for most.  The comfort being in the place where the meals are hot and the days fall into a pattern that give little leeway for the eventful to happen unless taken into hands of those of ill intent.

Long past the time now we have gone expecting man to become zealous in his attitude to bring peace and  growth to the human beings of which we are a part.  The human is not only physical but is divine.  The  human had his beginning with the stars and is intent on claiming this innate knowledge. 

With every event that comes to life in the human sphere seems to bring calamity in large doses.  Wars are taken as common within the boundaries of the race that prolongs the anguish of ancients.  And little reason lies behind the events except giving action to desires that look to give meaning to the life that has little in it.

Long has man looked for reason to add adventure to his day.  And leaving the children and spouses behind to do so in the names of work or patriotism or to hunt seemed reason enough.  We take to task these reasons.  We take to task the lazy minds that look for physical adventure and not the considerate thoughtful work to give meaning.  Why the need to be entertained than for minds that look for answers to give meaning to the purpose of life?

Long has man preferred to fight wars over boundaries instead of looking to what unites the human race.  Instead of looking to what unites the spirit in manner to bind one to another.  Is it so boring for  man to look to what will prolong and give impetus to the progression of humankind?  Is there so little love between man that there is no common ground?   

From a cosmic view, other worlds must look to see what they can invest in the dailyness to spur man on to promote this planet to growth and progress.  We look to see where we can inject some adrenalin to make the intensity work with fervor.

It is time long gone that the one god, the one world, the one man, the one consciousness be held onto with such religious fervor.  It is time to expand the thinking to include the divine within each human giving access to the spiritual energy and psychic fulfilment which permeates and upholds the universe and universes.  It makes for accountability of the each in his life with the knowledge that names are attached to actions which will demand restitution. 

For too long man has reclined in his comforts with the god he created who will forgive and forget all his transgressions.  That with forgiveness because his beginning was less than ideal and the burden was a heavy one to carry that he would be forgiven whatever transgressions he committed.  The news now is that names are attached to these errors in judgments and these errors must be accounted for. 

Misdemeanors are different than sins.  Sins are different than psychological impairments.  And impairments of judgments are still not dismissed but lessons must be learned so that progression in human lives will not be held in abeyance but will have its time for full potential.

Babies being born are wondering why they are in kindergarten when they have knowledge of worlds in attendance to the great god of wonder that is the rolling thunder of the universe.  Why they are not part of the movement that rules other worlds with motion and movement toward great progress.  But are lost in the illusion of slow motion that seem to immerse the adults in such pleasures.  They come to us as twigs already bent with a history ready to teach and we step on their heads.

We are in the midst of worlds looking at this planet and wondering the outcome of its wondrous elements.  It should have been held as graduation for souls becoming stars again.  Instead it is held as the playground of souls who have learned the sophistication of its accoutrements and given them a place to play forever. 

Time is now that  changes will be evident.  Time is now that much will be demanded.  And the young whose memories now of the violence that has taken their friends and innocence will demand restitution and behavior that comes with adulthood.

The children shall lead us.  And force the children in adult bodies to grow up and let loose  the behaviors that have kept this beautiful planet hostage.  It is time and the children shall lead because they have memory.  Of the worlds they have come from and where they exhibited behavior that showed accountability. 

It is time for all of us to grow up.


It Would Have Blown My Mind. . . .

  Everything Teaches. . . . 

A friend and I discussed how difficult it was for humans not to think we are the most intelligent of beings.  Of course he said, no matter what color they are, people think other beings cannot be intelligent.

In Doris Lessing’s Shikasta series, Klorathy said the most intelligent were beings without mouths and had tentacles for speaking at the end of their hands.

In a February 2014  journal I scribed. . . . What if we were to introduce a creature of high intelligence but other than what you  think about and say to you this is how you are in a different focus?  What if you are shown in dreams how you appear to us whom you consider teachers and yet grant intelligence of the highest kind?  What would you think then?  Can you visualize what we see when we envision your form?  What can you bring to mind?. . . .

I edited my answer for space. (It is outside my frame of reference.  I can only conjure up with specifics.  Lessing used language as a measure and even then I need a dictionary.  For words like dwarf or bulk or wide or silvery, these I visualize. )

Work today 5.7.20. . I scribed  . . .  beginning what you wish as differences in appearance, we would tell you not to worry about what is fashionable.  Not to worry about what your hair looks like.  Except you think what you are comfortable with.  And right you are.  Not to be outlandish and draw attention to how you differ in appearance is one less thing you contend with.

But we take it from there.  Fashionable on a daily basis you think not.  It requires too much energy you find wanting.  But cleanliness is crucial to you.  To others who have no water to drink, cleanliness is luxury. 

But many would find it difficult to pay attention to intelligence should they find a dirty exterior.  Yet worlds there are, where this is not a factual but a luxury again.  It would take awhile to put the olfactories to sleep and pay attention to thought.  And there is the matter of speech making a big difference. 

Talk about the recent experience with the Newfie, Leroy.

This is mine and it surprises me for this to come up now. . .  (last week upon awaking I found Leroy out in the garage with son John and I greeted him with how well Leroy was.  {in his recovery after blowing out two legs before Christmas 2019}  He yodeled his greeting as he happily now does.

When I came in to get his breakfast I realized he transferred a picture to me when he yodeled and it was of yesterday when I rubbed him down with moisturizer to oil his skin and new fur, having been shaved for surgery.  He loves hands on massaging.  I thought immediately of the woman who talked to cows whose name I could not bring up.  I googled and found Temple Grandin , whose talents were the bedrock of much needed improvement in slaughterhouses.

Since Leroy’s surgeries he is again a happy camper.  He yodels in prelude to mind pictures voicing his wants.  He is a case study for me in spades and in transferring thought with pictures worth 10,000 words.

Leroy brought to mind other dogs and journal entries when thought impressions occurred.  I learned their needs and went about doing those.  But this time I made the vivid connection with Temple Grandin.

(5.29.2020….It is not surprising  now that I scribed the teacher asking about Leroy since we were into how important speech is.  I had already journaled the mental picture with the yodel. Even now I see that our other dogs often did transfer pictures I accepted, though never called them intentional communication.   I just knew and acted.  In hindsight with today’s understanding of what all I was able to do that was not common, it would have blown my mind.


Welcome Nora Claire ! . . . to our World. . .

My prayer . . . we welcome Nora Claire to this world.  Welcome her in thought.  Deluge the sisters in harmony so that their lives will sing in delight their variations.

Songs will be different but the love sustaining will be profuse.  I wish that every newborn would be welcomed in joy and  abundant love.  And would have untiring help in their guidance.

Such an utopia I would create with all worlds, no matter their kind or kin.  Dream with me for the power resides to dream and create in all of us.

It is not in my memory bank that anyone I know has had such a birthday gift!  Nora Claire was born on this Grandmother Great’s birthday, Monday. . .May 25th 2020.  Emma E. is not only a firstborn in her family, but now is a sister to Nora.   Her resume, along with her talents grows,  as Nora begins her stint in this classroom.

It will be a merry chase for these parents I think.   Like many of us who take this corona crisis seriously,  they have been in lockdown for the past two months.  Begins now another phase with everyone called to the floor.  Emma E. has learned words a 2 year old has not had to learn before.  Words like likedown, shelter in place and face masks and orders like we have to stay at home every 2 year old knows now.

But we are fortunate that in this world crisis,  we still find life generous and loving.  That we will contribute to keeping it generous for the newborns as well as we can.  We want each and every soul desiring space to find life good in every dimension.

So we welcome our Nora to the clan and keep her in the light.  She is an on schedule baby so her vitals are normal and good.  And we hope that the sisters will find their lives together to be double their pleasures.  (And. . . .quietly now. . . .  the parents find the two of them only half the trouble. . )


photos by Harrison and Merideth  Hallissey


When Heavens Thought Searches Ours. . . .

I have been wondering the quality of thought and also if my life could have been spent other than what I have been about.

How much of it designed and designated and how much busy work simply to get through without causing mayhem, or just abandoning commitments and doing my thing, whatever it happened to be.

I remember the hand outstretched after my younger’s birth and giving permission to take it and leave.  But who will take care of the children?  The eternal question with me.  Especially since I gave birth to these three.

When I was told that the Veronica today was not Who I was, in my thinking I was only Who I knew to be and did not know Other.  That’s why what is this life’s participation would not be sitting in the head of Who we Were.  And who I was with the deeds committed before birth would not be committed by the who I am today.

And the qualities of or the character of the then Veronica,  or whoever I was, could be or were as undesirable or hurtful or dastardly as whatever needed to be unlearned by me as well as my chosen ones.  We have a history because as Jesus said, the twig already is bent upon arrival also.

And therefore who is without sin, my Mentor asked.  Who is without sin to cast the first stone.    So he pleaded,  forgive them Father for they know not what they do.  There were few with prior memory.

I am awash. . . because it all makes sense.  And I turn over for what I need to see in a language that I will write today to be understood.  We need language in the vernacular to be an instrument of peace.  I am sure others know this but with me it connects everything in my head.  It makes exquisite sense and the connections are vivid.  I scribed the following (in bold)  May 23, 2020)

It seems like such a large task but it has taken almost a hundred years to learn.  And each step has taken its toll and left you awash again.  Yet you did not dismantle nor abandon.  You stayed the route and continued to love. Who do you know would have stayed?

(most of them did.  My sibling family except those whose lives were turned upside down.  When violence took them or abandoning was survival.  Yet the damage has been great because there was no one to teach or even say with meaning that this too shall pass.  Education,  but even formal education does not give this kind of knowledge.  I don’t know what does because I don’t know what is within the individual to work with the lacks or injustices to remedy what cannot be seen to be remedied.  Sometimes it is simply survival when we leave.)

It is all a matter of who holds the sparklers.  Isn’t it?  (don’t make it sound like a matter of who has suffered enough!  Like how much can you take before you break!  Then it makes it sound like some kind of game to be levied on someone still trying.  Because there is an element of undergirding ethics that Doris Lessing wrote about that laws are not made but are inherent in the nature of the Galaxy or the Universes. . . ..  I think that within each of us is the divine working that pleads with  us to keep loving because worlds are banking their survivals on the each or someone finding the way that will open them for life with Purpose, or Divinity or even Sacredness.  Its Sheen with meaning.)

That caliber of one’s thoughts will attract the caliber of teacher one needs.  Or possibly what think you?

Like Minds. . .

My thoughts rove the ethers
like a magnet pulling
like thoughts to themselves.
The excitement rumbles
through my belly
while heart accelerates its beat
forcing my blood to course
through my body drunkenly.

Heady stuffs
to know that mine is thought
matched by invisible minds. . . .

I swim in conscious waters
resembling earthstone.
Pulsating, yearning, I find it humbling
to think that heaven’s thought

has searched out mine.


And The Uncertain Dance Is Made Easier. . .

Sometimes I think the youngers would be happy
for me to lay down my things, and pay attention to do
what other elders do, so it would be easier,
than to pretend to listen to what they do not understand,
to make fit into what they cannot relate.

Senseless no doubt it seems to nothing that swims in their heads
to give meaning to what they imbibe.

The celluloid people they watch I do not know, give fact and
form to fit what to me is meagre fare, not giving substance
to the ache seeking expression.

But alas, I try to sell my perspective with its shining specks
flittering on the white moth floating in the night, along
with the fireflies sending messages still to be read by the
night creatures.

They inhabit my sight as will the morning birds welcoming me to
acknowledge their presence with my ‘good morning world,
I hear you, I hear you.’

I fear their noise will awaken those lives still filled with the passion
of murmurings I have long forgotten.

In their place and time a fit, comparable to the seduction of a high
heeled shoe, now uncomfortable and alien to the wobbly feet.

Feet needing to support a body still needing completion but wishing
to take flight with nascent wings, promising growth.

All the time the youngers know that my having learned the steps well
makes easier the uncertain dance now in progress on the floor.

My Mentor said, do for one and you do for the whole world, for eternity then.

And I believed.


photo by John Holmes


It Has To Be Taught. . . . Conscience. . .


Evolution says It has to be taught. . .

It seems like such a small thing, this matter of conscience.  No big deal we think, cause everyone has one, everyone’s born with one, right?  Nada.  Not.  No.  Everyone does not have a conscience which is knowing right from wrong,  or more accurately,  more true from false.

It all has to be taught, like love has to be taught.  But we talk about conscience,  the ability to truth talk, or to feel shame when our behavior is inappropriate  in public or even alone when we violate our belief systems.

Small potatoes?  But we lead countries astray when we hold high positions or families when we are part of them. Or leading students astray when we should set the example: example for truth, facts, behavior.  Simple as that.  Or as complicated.

Having no conscience means that we feel no shame or remorse or even regret when we befoul the value system of the majority, especially when we unite for any cause and we agree on certain principles.  For example, appropriate civil laws of a country are needed for the ongoing peaceful life of all citizens.  Not too much to ask for.

A lot when positions of power, whether ruling heads or courts give favors to friends or those with money, placement above the law.  This does not escape the notice of the rest of us who must obey to the letter of the law or face judgmental predicaments.

The behaviors of those without conscience don’t seem to suffer and their charms defy punishment.  In fact they often boast they can do anything, playing on the secret desires of many who then think that getting away with inappropriate behavior is working smart.  As one of my astute readers suggested,  do we work hard or work smart?

Rules are changing and we should look to where the numbers are growing where knowledge does not allow options to cause harm with no penalties, no consequences anymore.

Because we grow in knowledge where to enhance all life, no matter where that life breathes. is the only option we have because to do otherwise is wrong.

Doing the right thing is what we are taught in kindergarten.  Life, with its Balance or God, will find us in circumstances not as good as we’ve known.  Biblical injunction is fact for those who believe Whose Vengeance it is, (and hovers beneath all knowledge we claim).

This behavior with no conscience has been costly.  It has cut short lives that killed many with crossed signals; taken meaning out of families intent on working hard and flaunting defiance of the laws intending civil unity.

Heaven can only send out souls in the caliber it has received.  Times they are ‘a changing, the bard sang eons ago.  There is a balance to all Life no matter the belief system one calls this Balance.

And I have to say Jane, your words hang on my heart.  Word hard or work smart?  Balance says we have ploughed the hard ground with sweat and Life smiles in favor of the work hard majority.    It seems the playgrounds are closing.


Under One Name. . . .



Under One Name . . .  (Genesis. Chapter 1. Verse 26)

Even the big guys prayed,
the Kings, the Princes, the Presidents
and the Oligarchs with their buying billions,
in that part of the night;

the part that kept them all awake.
In that dark pit when even
the warm bodies beside them with
all the crevices and secret parts

shouting their places of comfort.
But none comfort, not one of them
stem the flow of wet panic
threatening to drown one even,

even with all their victories.
Because in that dark place
of the night when ghosts arise
threatening your extinction, you worry. . .

That not enough good
is in all of your Beings. . .
even parts you do not know who
might welcome you to the place you hunger for.

The place you came from
and have to get back but
do not know how; when we walked
and talked under the one name. . . God.

To become under the one name . . . Man.


A Mother’s Lament. . . not knowing how to love. . . .


She lamented after birthing eight children. . . and in her last days, was sorry because she knew how difficult life had been for me.  I didn’t know how to love she said.  Nobody taught me.  And with the person who meant so much to her, her mother who did not rescue her, she never knew a mother’s hug nor a beating heart next to her cheek.

And it was another checkmark next to an emotion that has to be learned on this Earth planet.  With due respect to the counselor who ascribed to feelings are not facts, except in the process of learning to trust yourself and they are your feelings.  And trusting your feelings is a great step in learning to trust yourself.

When talking this over with my sister, she said she didn’t believe anyone cannot love a baby when they put that baby in your arms!  There’s a world of unloved babies who grow to be unloved adults who never had a mother’s arms around them with a hug.  Nor a breast against their cheek just to be loved close.

I had no clue when I cut a piece of sour cream coffee cake this morning, it would give rise to tears of memory.  Invited by a neighbor that snowy moving in March day with 3 children to dinner at their home, the first time coffee cake as dessert became special.

She gave me the recipe and another memory of her in tears at my door when she failed a son.  She did not know what to say when his baby died that she never met.  Though she cared for her son, the emotion was not real because the baby was not real.

When his mother died, we met and talked and overcome with emotion, the son was grateful  feelings were still hers.  He was afraid she had none though he was raw with them.  Evidence that those who are born to us sometimes come from different worlds than we do.

We are labeled needy, called drama ridden,  frequently shouted because Ma, she’s crying again!  We remember being loved, somewhere cherished and missing it sorely this time.  But too many neither know of love or close off the channel never wanting to know the pain again of not being loved.

On this Mother’s Day, to those bereft of arms, open yours, embrace those nearest and hold close the babies.  Let them be raised knowing the close presence of a beating heart next to their cheek.

It was an ancient belief that the Mother God would be the healing salve for reconciliation.  Be that Earth God to bring peace on this day.


artwork by Claudia Hallissey


Aged Forever Friends. . . .

Like Me. . . aged old friends. . . . . 

I had been asked what are my favorite books I go back to time and again.  Once there were friends and loves I phoned and chatted before my hearing deteriorated.  And rather than ask to repeat themselves, now my books become my old friends that I find just as refreshing as I did when first read. And without feeling guilt when I turn each phrase to catch their elusive meaning!

I reread and depend on eye sight and insight through lifetimes learned. Books now refresh thought and reveal themselves deeply as I too reveal myself.  There are contemporaries whose works are always timely.

The essays of Emerson and Thoreau speak to us all in varying degrees.  I say to him Waldo, I hardly knew ye. And Thoreau I admonish for the maxims told to those young who left their commitments to follow their dreams, their imaginations.

Accountability and shared work load was not yet in their lexicons. Authors and audience alike.  Yes, I know, I would spoil their fun.  I know.  Other shoulders carried the work while wild oats was sown; other backs were bent.  Forsooth!

Jane Roberts and the Seth books, whose talent was shared with those of her husband to produce controversial voluminous works causing protest lines around the publishing house.  Comfort zones were upset even then with new thought, yes.

While Doris Lessing and the Shikasta Series introduced those like me to evolution and learning throughout universes under the safe heading of science fiction so we did not have to explain why we danced with Spirits.

Susan Howatch with her Church of England  series told of earthy life and meanderings of those wearing birettas and long skirts  before the scandals of the churches both Catholic and Protestant and Frank Herbert with eloquent memory of his wife produced  the Dune books which my sons said Mother, these are your books.  Chapterhouse Dune was written I swear for me and they all are to this day.

These are my peer group I keep close to my chair.  These are old friends with whom I visit.  My newest visitor is Michael Talbot and his Holographic Universe which affirms for me my thinking since I came into this world without a putting place either for my memories or for myself. The others, the ones with worn out covers where I keep doing reference work, are my oldest friends,  my refuge. . . .along with my mentor. . .

In the beginning when I was young
and when I was very cold,
I took my mammoth skin
and drew it closer about me
and found refuge in dreams.                                                                                                           

Like a tourniquet,
it stopped the flow of life out of me.

Now I am old                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
and I huddle still deeper in my woolen wrap.
Closing my eyes, I discover
refuge again in my dreams.

And find it stops the flow of life out of me.  Again.                                                                                                          


More Than A Hope . . for earth. . . .

More than a Hope. . . for earth. . .

I grabbed an old yellow tablet to write on and came across a note I had written when I was reading Return To Life by Dr. Jim Tucker.  The note read that observation determines the reality.  Measuring something, I wrote, creates a reality that did not exist before.

Now my  thoughts.  When I made note of that and forgot that I did, tonight (April 30, 2020) it triggered the following which made me find the book (right away!) Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot. This undoes me because I have had no training in physics but in reading this in 2015,  I understood its meaning for me.

Subatomic particles once thought to manifest as waves.  Which for the following reasons they say should not be classified solely as  waves or particles.  But something (or stuffs) known as quanta.  Because the only time quanta manifest as particles is WHEN WE ARE LOOKING AT THEM!   (So when we measure a something and name it creates a reality it did not have before.  It opens a whole new world.

The comment in the book was not what we expect from the natural world but more from magic.   I am in awe that this was awakened in me, to make this connection the minute I saw my note. As I rummaged for the book I said in mind that this is what Michael Talbot said in Holographic Universe.  My knees go weak.

I have used this book as reference since first read.  It explains my world of me to me.  I knew where in the book this topic was.  In minutes I found it.  I have written that when we pray, think, converse in mind, we assume an Other.  This mind companion is our Divine Within, the highest and best we hold as our bar to match our lives to.  All actions, all thoughts, everything.)

I scribed. . .    ‘ We will ask of him how did you spend your days?  And man will say, I work at such and such and have accomplished great things.  But we will say, what did you think?  And what will man answer?  For the heavens know, do they not, what transpires in the mind of man.  

The heavens know.  To resolve issues which plague the heart is the work of man.  We pester the mind with that which has not been resolved and bring forward the issues until man feels possessed.  Try, we say, try.  Resolve them and bring some peace to your life.  But thought, that marvelous process which separates man from the unthinking and no vision creature,  when we see that man disparages this active tool which is his gift,  then heaven laments.

Thoughts will be the wings upon which man will fly.  It will be the culmination of a life’s work and there is nothing else.’

Please, I say, open the books and learn.  Peace will then be more than a hope for Earth.


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