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  • A Toast From The Heart. . .

    A Toast For a New Beginning. . . .     Let us drink in the sight of each other and let loose those preconceived dreams keeping us from breathing in the essence of the new year. With these we will face a blessedness comparable to none.   Come,  drink and be merry. We will […]

  • A Toast to the New Year and Us

     A Toast   Let us lift our hearts to the Source of our lives. Let us lift our thoughts to the highest we envision. Let us turn to one another and embrace to give of our abundance always. Let us then praise the goodness of our lives and wish the new year to be gracious […]

  • The Embrace (a toast)

    The Embrace  (a toast) In the clasping of the body, arms which embrace, in the coming together is a unity that nothing can impair.  That it is truly locked in time. Somehow the eternal has been grasped and time is not of the essence. That there is a space for this oneness of divine souls, […]