My Keys in the Palm of My Hand . . . . .


In reviewing  decades of my life with my kaleidoscopic perspective,  is a stressful endeavor.  I was cautioned to go slow.   ( At 92, how fast can I possibly go at this time?) 

Most people are given to wait until they are on the side where  support friends already are. Or here  and I laughed at this;  when  one can at least! look at the walls filled with awards as proof that one was diligent  at least in showing up.

Still, loving this planet as I do and marveling yet,  I was told that obstacles this difficult deserved the best  world to recover.   Some things were lighthearted but not many.

I share some written excerpts of my life.  Some you can relate to and some have your eyebrows shoot up. . . .

Take to Heart This Earth Planet Classroom. . . . .

I have been in a few rooms when some beloveds have been preparing to transit this world.  Some have been hospital rooms where it has been calmer when attention is focused on what was happening and not being diverted from the one leaving our world.

I am grateful to those  who felt safe with me to share their experiences in leaving this world and trusted me to understand what they were saying.  I have been there when information went against beliefs held by others present and the words were ‘it’s the medicine talking’ or some religious salves they felt necessary. 

When our David said they were calling his name with his presence required for work on the Intergalactic Council for Peace. . . he was alert and not dreaming.  It would have been cosmic shortsightedness not to avail his caliber of knowledge when the need was acute and the service on hand. 

We have seen unqualified people in high places requiring expert and precise knowledge.  We are living the results of such a calamitous journey now.  And how we rejoice to see learned ones called upon again for what we hungered. 

I took David’s statement as truth of the Council because  I had heard the topic  discussed years before his hospitalization.  And never by him but by people well versed in stellar knowledge.

When my mentor, the Nazarene stood on the rock and said his famous much rendered  I will build my church speech that the Romans took and ran with,  he also said in plain words that here on Earth we are the reflection of heaven and heaven the reflection of Earth, the what is loosed segment seldom repeated.  

Take those words seriously because they are meant to be serious.  There is no better place than here right where we are.   We are the reflection. We are it, sailors, we are it.

The only reason to make a difference in this world, altruism aside, (the true altruistic persons are few, if any) is with the difference we make in ourselves.  When we come to this conclusion and know the reason,  we will remember that the purpose of this Earth is to be a classroom.

Things are not going to change because the purpose is for us to change ourselves.  And we hold that card.  When we do, we are graduates to the Universe where there are places needing work.

Places are many. . . planets and worlds with names and no names but workers are few.   It’s like Ethics class where conscience line dries for public scrutiny. Nobody shows up.  Will you?

A Belief System . . . .

 It is a belief system designed
to hold together an idea.
It floats, this idea,
in the Sea of Tranquility
where the I of me resides.

I will suspend my belief
that holds me to
this place hiding
my jewels.

It is a beautiful spot
I have made
to hide those jewels
and no one will
find them.

They will be forever
hidden in a place
no one chooses to look;
the hearts and minds
of those who love
this earth with passion.

Surprised they will be
to see in the palm of their hand

the keys of the kingdom. . . .                                                                          



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