Midnight Blue

My version of a card in fabric.
My version of a card in fabric.



When we first received this card I knew I wanted to do my fabric version of it.   At the moment it is my favorite.   It will be on display for the February 10th exhibit at the Oak Park Arms.  There will also be a reception.   I hope those in the area will allow time on Sunday to join us.   I look forward to meeting you.   The quote on the quilt is mine. ‘My heart races to the brink now;  to the edge of the winter snows. ‘ Do come.  You are cordially invited.


4 responses to “Midnight Blue”

  1. Veronica, your work reaches out to me! Your words relate to me things that have been in my heart for a long time. You sum up what I have been wanting to hear! Your fabric art is gorgeous. I love the midnight blue…could that be ultramarine blue? That is my favorit color.
    This artwork is so nice to study and love! Thank You for posting it here.

  2. Veronica, I often read your essays and poetry several times, finding that each time I see something more, glean one more lesson. I am a simple woman, not prone to great revelations and your work truly speaks to me, teaches me. I would love to attend your reception, but Idaho is far away from Chicago, so I will content myself with reading and contemplation. I am a willing student. Thank you for your voice. I have received your two books and am looking forward to what they hold, treasure to be sure.

  3. Ahh Terri, Sometimes we are teachers and other times, student. When we realize how much there is to learn, it is then we find ourselves on our knees. I am in that position most of the time. Thank you for your ‘not simple’ comments. I will treasure them.

  4. Mary Ann, I am glad my work speaks to you. I am not certain of the color of blue other than it is deep. But that you find yourself responding to what I do is meaningful. Thank you.

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