My Cosmic Valentine


Every year  I wait for my Cosmic Valentine.   It comes after a summer of getting the harvest ready for another year until spring planting.   The summers for me were too long and the winters too short.   When winter came it gave the necessary time for me to feed my need for knowledge.   It was a time when all things came to a halt that were necessary to survive.   It was a time when my Spirit could be fed with days that were long and evenings even longer.   It was a time when snow came and covered all the infirmities of the Spirit with a damask linen of white on white.   It was then that the world smelled clean and crisp was the air as it slid down dry throats and rusty pipes.   This year of all years my Valentine was the most beautiful.   Heaven bent down and laid a kiss on my forehead and said,  for you I did this.   For you.   I wish the world would know this magnificent salve for the open wound we know as Mankind.

6 responses to “My Cosmic Valentine”

  1. I love this way of thinking about winter. I’m going to save this and every November when I start to get down about the long nights and cold days, I’ll read it and see all Winter has to offer.

  2. Not everyone treasures winter the way you do, and can express that appreciation so dramatically. It brings a good tingle to the cold!

  3. Maria, give it a try. Spirit is such that a determined action will reverse a prejudiced perception. And heaven lends a hand in this and will reveal wondrous memories.

  4. Claudia, snow is the covering of the earth’s ills for such a short time. Thank you for commenting.

  5. My favorite season: Winter
    My favorite moment: Standing in a snow cover field, blanketed by the star filled sky, surrounded by the silence of the night – felling so small in myself but very much at one with the big All.

    Thank you for sharing your love and joy of Winter.

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