Poetry Book Drawing

Kiss The Moon Book Cover

This week there will be a drawing for the book of poetry called Kiss The Moon.   The number picked will be at random and I will announce the winner on Friday.   So when you comment on whatever post you like or have thoughts about,   I will be notified and I will put names in a container and the name will be drawn.

This is the first time I have done this and Maria at fullmoonfiberarts.com has been my encouragement.  I know there are many of you who like my poetry and perhaps you will be the one to be drawn this week.   The names through Thursday night will be eligible.

I am looking forward to the response from my readers.   I have enjoyed your e mails but you must go to https://fromanupperfloor.com to register your name and comments.   You will have four (4) days to do this.   The second printing cover of my book has slightly different printing, otherwise the art work is the same.   And most of the poetry on my blog is in the book.  Good luck to you.

15 responses to “Poetry Book Drawing”

  1. Hi I was hoping to put my name in the drawing for your poetry book. Maria Wulf suggested I check out your blog after reading on my blog’s most recent post how I enjoy poetry. Many thanks and I have been enjoying checking out your blog. I’m glad Maria steered me your way.

  2. Welcome to fromanupperfloor.com, Becca. I hope you will be a frequent visitor and I appreciate your comments.

  3. Veronica, I have shared your posts and poetry through Maria @ Full Moon. You are truly an inspiration to me. Please enter me in your drawing. Thank-you, Cindy Chambers

  4. I too come to you from Full Moon Fiber Arts. Poetry to me is pure distilled emotion. I started writing after my 92 year old mother died but write in secret and keep my ‘poems’ hidden from eyes and judgment. I am looking forward to reading yours, Veronica. Thank you for sharing yourself and giving us a chance to read Kiss the Moon.

  5. I would love to read your book, I receive the info through Maria’s website….I did read some of your work…would love to win this book and add it to my collection.

  6. thanks to Maria i have found your blog and will look forward to beginning to read your posts – and thanks for the giveaway

  7. Maria Wulf mentioned you on her blog , I love poetry so I immediately clicked on your link. I have enjoyed exploring your blog & have you bookmarked so I can easily check in each day over coffee. Beautiful words from a beautiful lady,thank you. Would treasure your book so please enter me in your drawing. Have a wonderful day 😉

  8. Love your poetry. Hope to read more. Please enter me in your drawing. Maria Wulff gave a great recommendation!

    • Hello Veronica! Greetings from the Great Northwest. I am originally from Lombard, IL. Quite familiar with Gurnee as we visited up there when I was a youngster. Please enter me in your drawing. I would love to read your poetry. Maria Wulf recommended your work! Thank you, Luanne Thulstrup

  9. Hello Veronica,
    Would love to win your book. I have been captivated by your on-line poetry. Found you through Maria but now I follow your blog. Your words are honest, creative, and have a startling freshness. Lois

  10. Hello, I have recently started reading poetry and even wrote a few of my own. Maria Wulf mentioned your book and I am sure it would be wonderful to read.

  11. I think that poetry is better reading than novels in many ways. As I get older, I think that I don’t have enough time to read the great novels, but I do have time for poetry. Thank you for the chance to win a copy of your book. Maria’s blog note sent mr here.

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