Kiss The Moon Winner

I am pleased to announce that the winner of the drawing of Kiss The Moon is Luanne Thulstrup who is from the Northwest.   I wish to thank all those who entered and viewed my work.   And I wish to thank Maria Wulf for her generous offer to speak of the drawing on Full Moon Fiber    She touches many people in ways we can only scarcely see.

And to all of you who found my work to be interesting and with a bit of surprise I do hope that you will continue to be visitors and to bookmark me.  I will be running drawings now and again for my books and a possible wall quilt at times.  Comments I especially look for because it is a way for me to judge what group responds to what I have written.

I especially want to encourage the broadening of our premises.   In a world with so many challenges,   we need broader foundations upon which to build our spiritual need of brotherhood.   It may be on our shoulders that this responsibility falls.   There is no doubt that we are equal to it.   Again,  I thank all of you,  and special thanks to Maria.

3 responses to “Kiss The Moon Winner”

  1. Greetings all from the Great Northwest! Thank you so much, Veronica! I am over the moon with the thought that your work is headed this way. Thank you for your labor of love! Thanks to Maria Wulf for sharing your inspiring work and turning me on to it and to your contest! So thrilled and smiling ear to ear! Luanne Thulstrup

  2. Hello Veronica, Your book arrived today! I will get back to you soon! Thank you so much, Luanne

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