Paradigms with Love Attached

With love, compassion becomes an easy companion.

Courage does not come in large containers.  It is not bought by the jug, but can only
fill the cup drop by drop.

Love ventures into areas where courage falters but the heart makes waves.

The highest framework we can choose is one by which the heart is healed.

We aim to educate the heart.

Eyes that once are opened will always see and ears that once are opened will always hear.

Yield always to the heart.  It strongly upholds when argument does not.

Those whom we trust, reach out and touch the fear in us and lay Grace to it.

To see through the eyes of an Other will put one’s heart into divine orbit.

You wrapped me around your heart and now you will have to wear me like a pacemaker.

We are the cabbage and the rose at once.  Earthy and ethereal, at once.

The Spirit needs a daffodil once in awhile.

We choose not the dream or the believer but the One who sparks the dream.

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