Some people just have not had their boots on long enough.

Privacy is the ultimate illusion.   Most people think no one knows their thoughts, except God,  but only when they’re praying.

Maybe prayers are only answered depending on the conversations one has in one’s head.

Perhaps the heavens slip in a thought depending on the intensity of the conversation.  Revelation!

Does the intensity of the Pilgrim inform the heavens that ‘yeah,  we have a live one down here!’

And we know people who are surprised when they mouth something because they say ‘I can’t believe I said that!’

The heavens put money on the horse they think will win the trifecta.   Is it you?

Work as though your life depended on it and love as if everyone’s life depended on you.

First step is to be the person you want to meet or you want in your life.

It is time for the world to note that when heaven does not speak to the individual, it is time to ask ‘why not?’

The purpose of life is to lift my brother up and then to ask how high.  Research yourself and you will then know how high and for what reason.

Should your child call and wonder if he should drop Philosophy, tell him it is the only class worth taking.   Except History.   And the Humanities.  And maybe a few others such as the Religions Of Man.


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