What It Means To You

photo-1The question was asked of me,  what exactly do you mean with that quote?  And I said that I knew what I meant but my meaning might not make sense to another.   But it was important enough to me that I wrote it with my machine because I thought it might make sense to someone else.   I thought it was worth the time and effort.    It would be truly their own wall quilt if it has meaning for them.   I can fuzzy up their meaning by saying what it meant to me,  but that would not be fair.   Does that make sense to you?   If it does,  let me know.

It is for sale for $75.00 with $15.00 for shipping and insurance.

2 responses to “What It Means To You”

  1. Maybe…..Sleep can contain a whole new world of dreams,and new meanings if we are open and aware. But we can’t always be open and aware,and sometimes sleep needs to be sleepy.

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