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A Matter Of Faith. . . .

It is amusing to me because whether we believe it or not,  all of life is a matter of faith.  And when the century mark gets closer,  one is no more surprised than I am to recognize the ceiling in the morning bedroom.  When my dentists says we will see you in six months,  it is a matter of faith on his part that his livelihood will continue.  Or when we plan our Thanksgiving dinner or even this evening’s meal.  It is a matter of faith.

I now work on mini wall quilts.  These are less than 12 inches,  like a small framed photo.  When the 4th of July appears and disappears,  I seriously begin the holiday ventures.  When Thanksgiving dinner is put away and the children know that officially we begin the greatest excitement of the year,  and it is still too early for decorations, something needs to be put up.

This is my suggestion.  A hint of the the holiday.  I may only have one of what I show,  but if you are interested, contact me.  I move slowly now,  so my time is planned.  We can negotiate.   I am not the best photographer and as one of my readers said,  in actuality they are treasures.  You can contact me at [email protected]  I do take checks.

20160523_154249Until I am able to find more of this material,  there is but one of this.

20160508_114539I can never duplicate hand work,  but this I can simulate.

20160513_100402The words will be the same,  the trees will be of different holiday fabric.


Your Holiday Shop


With a weekend visit from the grandson who encouraged this grandmother to blog back in 2011 and set me up,  we also went to work on my Shop of wall quilts and included again the books, The Last Bird Sings and Kiss The Moon,  The Woman Speaks and Gives Grace.   For those of you who have wondered why I have been lax about this diversion from what I call my headwork,  the reason is simply I have not known enough about setting up this particular section of my blog.   It seemed utterly complicated and much too difficult but not as difficult some of you would say as quantum theories?  The fact that I wander between two screens on my computer (and worlds?) is a wonder to me.  But there are some things that I need a someone to walk me through.  We now have the wall quilts in the Shop with dimensions and prices.

If you are interested, please contact me through my blog.  I will accept personal checks and money orders.  For personal checks,  do allow sufficient time for banks to do what they do.  And should you see something similar to what is sold, I cannot duplicate art of course,  (it never is quite the same anything) but I can and will do something similar.  The prices on the wall quilts do include shipping so that you know the price on each of them is the total price.  The books will be $17.00 each and that will include shipping also.  From now until January 1st,  I will offer The Last Bird Sings and Kiss The Moon for $30.00 for the two in one order  and that also will include shipping.

I hope we have made this a bit easier to look at and for you  to contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.   With the oncoming holidays, perhaps this will be your one stop Shop for your favorite people.


A Holiday Offering

Kiss The Moon Book Cover


ExhibitionTo  those readers of my blog who have mentioned how much they’ve appreciated my poetry and writing,  I have decided to offer my two books,  Kiss The Moon and The Last Bird Sings for $3o.00,  shipping included for the holidays.  These will of course be addressed to the recipient and signed.  We are currently in the second printing of Kiss The Moon and the first for The Last Bird Sings.  I do accept checks as well as PayPal.   Contact me here at my blog and I will get your message and set aside your books.  We have just a limited number of books so if you are making out your holiday lists or looking to take a hostess gift for any of your holiday dinners,  look here first and get a special kind of gift.   Remember for a signed copy of Kiss The Moon and The Last Bird Sings together,  both books for $30.00, order soon.   I will be looking to hear from you.


State of Mind

photo-1 (4)What I try to portray when doing wall quilts is an understanding of a time that may not exist in our time frame but does exist in memory.  It may be of our memory locked in our memory vault or belong to our ancestors.  It may not matter at all.  But when the memory comes alive in us and changes us either to better ourselves and our world or remind us of something else that once was significant,  it indeed then becomes important.  It happened somewhere to be lodged in us.   That is good enough for me.

These new quilts will be mini quilts, able to be framed.   The tree that I am working on is of vintage Christmas prints.   When I unpacked this quilt after our move here, that I had been working on and saw the  night sky blue background,  my heart sighed AAAhhhhhh.  This is the Heaven I see.

The measurements of this quilt are slightly larger than the mini quilts which will be 5″ by 7″  or 8″ by 10″.   This one is 15″by 17″.   If you are interested, contact me here.   It is not too early for me to start my Christmas quilts.   Christmas is my state of mind.   This quilt is $38.00 plus $5.00 shipping.


Winner of Common Thread Give-a-way

I am pleased to announce the winner of our Common Thread Give-a-way.  And she is Julie.    So if Julie will contact me at I will send a copy of The Last Bird Sings to her.   I hope she will enjoy the book and that it will become a favorite friend to go back to visit many times.

And to the other artists and writers of Common Thread,   Kim Gifford of  Pugs and Pics, Jane McMillen of little house home arts, Rachel Barlow of picking my battles,  Jon Katz of and Maria from  my thanks go out to you for supporting the arts.    To Maria, who has been a wonderful cyber friend and has a  following of loyal readers,  thank you especially for your support.

And my thanks go to all the wonderful readers who not only sent in their names but also took the time to look at upper floor.   I hope I can keep you interested with my blog so that I too,  will become a favorite place to go to.  I look forward to your comments and appreciate your time with me.


Common Thread Give-a-way

ExhibitionIt is a pleasure to be a guest on the Common Thread Give-a-way.   Involved are  Kim Gifford  ( Pugs and Pics)      and Jane McMillen ( little house home arts)   and Rachel Barlow (picking my battles)   and then Maria Wulf ,    I am offering my book called The Last Bird Sings  to the winner.   Names will be selected from comments.  They will go into a box  and be picked randomly.  The contest is run from Monday, June 3 rd until Wednesday the 5th.  I will announce the winner on Thursday the 6th of June.   I am looking forward to joining these highly talented women and cannot tell you how delighted I am to have been asked to be a guest.   I hope that many of you will spend some time looking at my work and comments are always appreciated.   To know that my work reaches and relates to some of you is rewarding.  I have posted an excerpt from the book which is part memoir and part philosophy.   I hope you will find it interesting.


What It Means To You

photo-1The question was asked of me,  what exactly do you mean with that quote?  And I said that I knew what I meant but my meaning might not make sense to another.   But it was important enough to me that I wrote it with my machine because I thought it might make sense to someone else.   I thought it was worth the time and effort.    It would be truly their own wall quilt if it has meaning for them.   I can fuzzy up their meaning by saying what it meant to me,  but that would not be fair.   Does that make sense to you?   If it does,  let me know.

It is for sale for $75.00 with $15.00 for shipping and insurance.


I Bring Into Sweet Focus

catsAnd I heard the young one say,  and I know this true, he said,  that this lady likes to work with blue cloths is because he said,  that she said this is what heaven is like.   And I want to know he said,   how does she know?   And I told him that some people just know things,   not guess or because they believe,   but because they know.   What do you think heaven is like I asked him.   What do you think?   And he said that because he remembered because he was only 5 fingers old,  that he knew and she was right.   What he remembered was that the colors of everything was so bright,  even brighter he said than the sun or even,  he said,  the moon in the night sky when everything else is black.   Then you know,   I said to him,  you know.   And he said then that there were lots of things he knowed,  but he did not like to say because other kids said it was baby stuff.   But he knowed,  he said,  he knowed and this lady also knowed he said.  Do you like the colors she uses, I asked.   And he said that this is what he remembered and they are true.

If you,  like the young one,  like the colors I use in my wall quilts,  then contact me.   This one is for sale for $75.00 plus $15 for shipping including insurance.   It says,   and I say,   `I bring into sweet focus a world my heart requires.’


Excerpt from The Last Bird Sings

ExhibitionThe clapboard house we lived in was neat.  It had a mystery about it and even now memory brings forth details.  Being of an ethnic background, there were certain things incompatible with today’s understanding.  Things done in a certain way and values kept.
The cellar was where we lived our lives with meaning.   Within the nooks  was space for us all.  The round belly furnace was the center and was near the eating area.   Mother’s rocker was placed nearby and here she did her crocheting to the radio soap operas of Helen Trent and Ma Perkins.  The table held most of us with the fallout on a small table father built.  Generally we were on good terms.   In
such close quarters it proved better for all of us for when arms went swinging, the innocent were caught in the crossfire.
My sister and I had our play area in one corner near the fruit cellar.   But between the wall of the storage room, my brother nearest my age, (he 13, I-11)had his space.   A long table braced by the wall held all his balsam models.   They hung from wires at the ceiling and smelled wonderfully of wood and glue.   This brother spent hours bent over his models with the sensitivity of a surgeon.   The fine line of his particular schematic were followed diligently.   The tissue paper used to cover the stick frames  was zealously guarded.

The balsam was my undoing and his.   I would sneak a piece now and again and  happily munch on these rare and coveted pieces of wood.   I can still feel my teeth gently smashing into them just for the pleasure of it.   I would be on the lookout for these rare strips finding their way to the floor.   But one day, in a fit of craving,  I walked off with a section marked for major work.   Possibly a wing or a side panel of something.   When my brother found out what I had done, his anger took on proportions bringing on tears and loud voices from everyone.   He was after me in hot pursuit ready for revenge.  Suddenly my father appeared and the entire episode was no longer between siblings but a confrontation whose results stay with me yet.

My father brought out the cat o’nine tails.   It was heavy and rubbery and I shuddered when I saw it.  I don’t know where it came from but it was always there reminding us to behave.  This day my father held it while he tried to hold onto my brother.  I saw what was happening because of me and I screamed a scream that rang through the house and out the door and into the ethers and no doubt rings there still.

‘Stop it, stop it!  Don’t hurt him!  He is my brother!  He is my brother!’

And my father no doubt did not realize how he turned into the bad guy, trying to protect his daughter from being killed by her brother.   I do not remember if that black zombie ever came down on my brother’s fragile psyche but it did on mine symbolically.   I shrink from violence to this day.  I swallow injustices and insults and they lay like iron allies in the pit of my stomach.

The balsam act was that of a thoughtless but not malicious child.   But the fear and horror I felt at the sight of my brother’s punishment was that of a god witnessing the violation of another god.  I could not articulate this of course but I knew intuitively that this was what I saw.

And my words?  Torn from deep within me, perhaps screamed lifetime after lifetime but elevating that portion of us residing in flesh.   When violence is presented on the television screen,  I hear myself again.

‘Stop it, stop it!  Don’t hurt him!  I love him.   He is my brother!  He is my brother!’

I walk away.   The teacher said that out of the heart’s abundance the mouth will utter its words.   Out of sheer frustration,  out of love,  our of hatred will come the heart’s abundance.


My Wall Quilts For Sale

When I work with the quilted wall hangings,  I find refreshment pouring intome.  And as the hand glances on the quilting, I hope that the new owners of these quilts will find that they refresh them also; bringing forth old memories and making new ones for the young.   They ask to be touched and I hope the ones who are viewing feel that they can do this.  The quilts seem to come alive beneath the fingers.

I find my greatest peace when working with the winter scenes from the 18th and 19th centuries.  There is no line drawn for me and the scenes blend into each other.  And I hope my heart continues to beat until the last is finished. They are quilts with a soft touch to them.  They all measure near the 18-20″ width and the 25-28″ length.  The Christmas Trees quilt is 35″ x37″.   It is thelargest in this selection.   It will hang nicely over a fireplace or a far wall.  The smaller ones which I call Kiss the Morning (I have made 5 of them,  slightly different)are for me a morning greeting.  The strut of the young one is enough to make everyone get up and march.   How can anything be so grim when the sun comes up somewhere in the world every morning?  Indeed the sun wins the battle over night.  Every day.  The Christmas scenes for many of us awaken memories.  It was a time of innocence and faith in everything, from the babe in the manger to Santa coming down the chimney.

What I try to portray when doing the wall quilts is an understanding of a time no doubt that does not exist in reality, but in illusion, in dreams and perhaps another world or dimension.   Does it matter?  If it is a dream, it happened somewhere for it to be so real to me.   The word imagination comes from the root word image.   So there is a time in some dimension for this image to have stayed with me for so long.  I think this is why the quilted hangings demand to be touched.   I have watched people look at them and before they stop themselves, their hands reach out.  I know that they too have this scene in their memory bank.   I hope I have captured this for them.  In this day of hi- tech medicine we still have little knowledge of Soul and Spirit and so little of who we are.

I am pleased to say that Kiss The Moon will be available because it is at the printers and orders can be taken.   The Last Bird Sings is in stock so the companion books can be ordered at the same time.   My views and explanations are my own after a life of independent study.   Another world, another time will open me to other views.   But come with me on this trial run.  It has been an interesting  journey.

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