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  • A Matter Of Faith. . . .

    It is amusing to me because whether we believe it or not,  all of life is a matter of faith.  And when the century mark gets closer,  one is no more surprised than I am to recognize the ceiling in the morning bedroom.  When my dentists says we will see you in six months,  it […]

  • Your Holiday Shop

    With a weekend visit from the grandson who encouraged this grandmother to blog back in 2011 and set me up,  we also went to work on my Shop of wall quilts and included again the books, The Last Bird Sings and Kiss The Moon,  The Woman Speaks and Gives Grace.   For those of you who […]

  • A Holiday Offering

    To  those readers of my blog who have mentioned how much they’ve appreciated my poetry and writing,  I have decided to offer my two books,  Kiss The Moon and The Last Bird Sings for $3o.00,  shipping included for the holidays.  These will of course be addressed to the recipient and signed.  We are currently in […]

  • State of Mind

    What I try to portray when doing wall quilts is an understanding of a time that may not exist in our time frame but does exist in memory.  It may be of our memory locked in our memory vault or belong to our ancestors.  It may not matter at all.  But when the memory comes […]

  • Winner of Common Thread Give-a-way

    I am pleased to announce the winner of our Common Thread Give-a-way.  And she is Julie.    So if Julie will contact me at I will send a copy of The Last Bird Sings to her.   I hope she will enjoy the book and that it will become a favorite friend to go back to […]

  • Common Thread Give-a-way

    It is a pleasure to be a guest on the Common Thread Give-a-way.   Involved are  Kim Gifford  ( Pugs and Pics)      and Jane McMillen ( little house home arts)   and Rachel Barlow (picking my battles)   and then Maria Wulf ,    I am offering my book called The Last Bird Sings  to the winner.   Names […]

  • What It Means To You

    The question was asked of me,  what exactly do you mean with that quote?  And I said that I knew what I meant but my meaning might not make sense to another.   But it was important enough to me that I wrote it with my machine because I thought it might make sense to someone […]

  • I Bring Into Sweet Focus

    And I heard the young one say,  and I know this true, he said,  that this lady likes to work with blue cloths is because he said,  that she said this is what heaven is like.   And I want to know he said,   how does she know?   And I told him that some people just […]

  • Excerpt from The Last Bird Sings

    The clapboard house we lived in was neat.  It had a mystery about it and even now memory brings forth details.  Being of an ethnic background, there were certain things incompatible with today’s understanding.  Things done in a certain way and values kept. The cellar was where we lived our lives with meaning.   Within the […]

  • My Wall Quilts For Sale

    My Wall Quilts For Sale

    When I work with the quilted wall hangings,  I find refreshment pouring intome.  And as the hand glances on the quilting, I hope that the new owners of these quilts will find that they refresh them also; bringing forth old memories and making new ones for the young.   They ask to be touched and I hope the ones […]