A Holiday Offering

Kiss The Moon Book Cover

ExhibitionTo  those readers of my blog who have mentioned how much they’ve appreciated my poetry and writing,  I have decided to offer my two books,  Kiss The Moon and The Last Bird Sings for $3o.00,  shipping included for the holidays.  These will of course be addressed to the recipient and signed.  We are currently in the second printing of Kiss The Moon and the first for The Last Bird Sings.  I do accept checks as well as PayPal.   Contact me here at my blog and I will get your message and set aside your books.  We have just a limited number of books so if you are making out your holiday lists or looking to take a hostess gift for any of your holiday dinners,  look here first and get a special kind of gift.   Remember for a signed copy of Kiss The Moon and The Last Bird Sings together,  both books for $30.00, order soon.   I will be looking to hear from you.

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