A Matter Of Faith. . . .

It is amusing to me because whether we believe it or not,  all of life is a matter of faith.  And when the century mark gets closer,  one is no more surprised than I am to recognize the ceiling in the morning bedroom.  When my dentists says we will see you in six months,  it is a matter of faith on his part that his livelihood will continue.  Or when we plan our Thanksgiving dinner or even this evening’s meal.  It is a matter of faith.

I now work on mini wall quilts.  These are less than 12 inches,  like a small framed photo.  When the 4th of July appears and disappears,  I seriously begin the holiday ventures.  When Thanksgiving dinner is put away and the children know that officially we begin the greatest excitement of the year,  and it is still too early for decorations, something needs to be put up.

This is my suggestion.  A hint of the the holiday.  I may only have one of what I show,  but if you are interested, contact me.  I move slowly now,  so my time is planned.  We can negotiate.   I am not the best photographer and as one of my readers said,  in actuality they are treasures.  You can contact me at [email protected].  I do take checks.

20160523_154249Until I am able to find more of this material,  there is but one of this.

20160508_114539I can never duplicate hand work,  but this I can simulate.

20160513_100402The words will be the same,  the trees will be of different holiday fabric.


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