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With a weekend visit from the grandson who encouraged this grandmother to blog back in 2011 and set me up,  we also went to work on my Shop of wall quilts and included again the books, The Last Bird Sings and Kiss The Moon,  The Woman Speaks and Gives Grace.   For those of you who have wondered why I have been lax about this diversion from what I call my headwork,  the reason is simply I have not known enough about setting up this particular section of my blog.   It seemed utterly complicated and much too difficult but not as difficult some of you would say as quantum theories?  The fact that I wander between two screens on my computer (and worlds?) is a wonder to me.  But there are some things that I need a someone to walk me through.  We now have the wall quilts in the Shop with dimensions and prices.

If you are interested, please contact me through my blog.  I will accept personal checks and money orders.  For personal checks,  do allow sufficient time for banks to do what they do.  And should you see something similar to what is sold, I cannot duplicate art of course,  (it never is quite the same anything) but I can and will do something similar.  The prices on the wall quilts do include shipping so that you know the price on each of them is the total price.  The books will be $17.00 each and that will include shipping also.  From now until January 1st,  I will offer The Last Bird Sings and Kiss The Moon for $30.00 for the two in one order  and that also will include shipping.

I hope we have made this a bit easier to look at and for you  to contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.   With the oncoming holidays, perhaps this will be your one stop Shop for your favorite people.

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