A Human Drama

People are wonderful but persons are an annoyance.

Our so called ‘love of people’ serves to hide our very limited love of persons.

When we cannot love persons,  what good to say we love people?

It costs nothing to love the world.   It cost much to love the ones sharing
your space, your pocketbook and your genetic history.

The aged are all Hera’s clinging to a life slipping.

The camouflage systems we construct are so intricate that an
architect would be proud and no doubt win awards for.

When stress becomes unbearable,  we are then pressed to broaden
our understanding and learn.

Worrying is an advanced form of thinking.   Worrying is work.

It is a wonder how we as humans can endure the anguish of loss
when we hold no knowledge of other worlds.

When man truly wants to learn,  he will.   Spirit discerns the
well intentioned and the readiness of the student.

When an ideal is realized,  it becomes tiresome and tiring to keep
moving the carrot on the stick.

Man at some point realizes that the hunger within requires more
and more and less and less of what is on Earth’s table.

2 responses to “A Human Drama”

  1. How do we instill the yearning for a better spiritual life in a child? How do we show them non-material happiness? How do we include those who feel left out, or intervene when a young person starts to withdraw from society? How do we as a society offer a more satisfying life, when we have suppressed our sacred beliefs and heritage?

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