Lessons Need Repeating

catsSometimes things happen and one does not know quite how things either took a decided turn or what we did to make something happen.   It seems that since I decided what I wanted to do with my wall quilts,  life happened or intervened and Poof!  my plans went astray.   I relearned several things though.   One is that if something is meant for you,  you will not be able to avoid it.   And secondly,   if it is not meant for you,  nothing you do will make it happen for you.   That sounds like a fatalist,  but it is not meant to be.   If you consider yourself a worthwhile and integral part of this world or planet,  then you know you are not  an incident that just happened,  but a predetermined spark put here precisely in this time and space.   And that means that a  Somebody or your God has you in sight and life is indeed a challenge but a treasure as well.   I also learned that perseverance means a great deal.   Even when you think that if you straighten up your back will crack.  It simply means that the question is being put to you,  how hard would you work or keep at something till knowledge is yours,   or when would you know to quit and at what point.   I speak as if Somebody is in charge and to answer that question means that you have to do a lot of footwork.   It is a challenge and worth it.   But the truth is that  it is never too late to start the footwork.  I finally finished this first Christmas wall quilt,  a bit smaller than first thought,  but finished.   It certainly tested my Christmas state of mind.    But it is for sale and if you are interested,  let me know here.

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