Trading Wall Quilts

For my readers who have requested a photo of Maria Wulf’s wonderfulDSC_1615 wall quilt that she had offered to trade for one of mine,  this is the marvelous quilt.   I love it and do not tire of looking at it.   I find new images all the time.   She is a gifted artist as well as an accomplished poet and captures everything floating through her mind.   It is a wonder that she manipulates her sewing machine as easily as she does her pencils and her brushes.    And her chisels, for she sculpts also.  You will find her and her blog at

I am fortunate to have this Freedom Woman wall quilt.   We had traded on September 28th of this year.   I have hung it on a door in my workroom which houses me most of the hours of the day.  So Maria’s quilt is at home with me.   And I thank all of you for asking to see it.  If you click on the quilt it will come forward to the middle of the screen.  And if you click again at different parts of the quilt,  they will be detailed for you for a closer look.   In fact if you click on my photos and also the quilts I feature they will come forward to the middle of your screen.   And several clicks will bring details closer.   I can fill up a screen with my beloved evergreens by clicking.   Or bring snow to my eyes from winters past.   I am grateful for many things modern technology has brought to me.   And this is one of them.

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