Some Sayings


The heart will determine what the head sees.   And put into the eyes the meaning of it all.

Times are now the adults need more rearing than the children require.

It appears Heaven is an earned order and until one approaches the place where admission is qualified, one cannot enter.

To gain understanding a lot of footwork seems to be required.

A creative spirit is fun to watch.   It is one on whom the Heavens bank their monies.

It would be to everyone’s advantage to know  that when thoughts are worthwhile they are matched and answered.

It seems we want our Gods only on Saturday or Sunday mornings when we invite Him/Her in.

We take our pet prejudices and wave them about as justifications for what we do not do and never realize at the same time we reveal what it is we are doing.

What has been the tower of strength often becomes later the leaning tower.

The racing around is tantamount to outrunning death.   The happy harvester will harvest no matter how fast the run.

Wisdom is not tied up in the curved body with tight skin.   Narcissism is.

Oftentimes appearances are the table at which we eat.

Appearances are as far down as some people are able to go.


Photo by Josh Hallissey (click on the photo for an awesome view)

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