A Toast From My Heart


Let us drink in

the sight of each other

and let loose

those preconceived dreams

keeping us from

breathing in the essence

of the New Year.

With these we will face

a blessedness comparable to none.

Come,   drink and be merry.

We will welcome one another

forever more and be glad.


Photo by Joe Hallissey Sr.

10 responses to “A Toast From My Heart”

  1. Thanks Jessie. And remember to click on the photo. It is a rare and beautiful winter scene. It is a keeper. A wonderful new year to us all.

  2. This toast feels so right. I wish for you, Veronica, a new year that will bring you what you want, but most of all, what you need. Many blessings to you.

  3. How could you not love it! It’s so freeing. The first two lines are great, as they could be interpreted in two ways, both of which are just fine. Yes, a happy, happy new year to you too!

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