To Ponder Anew

Toward A DestinyMan clings to many things in this world that no longer have a place.   It is his security blanket full of philosophical holes.

It does no good to see all sides of an issue when the heart is concerned with only one side.

Man holds out with what is his divine self, trying against all odds to gain what he gave up when he allowed others to become his soul keeper.

The Ego which needs continual stroking becomes unwieldy and obscures divine passage.

To dismantle an Others’ world demands that we stay around long enough to build another one.

One can care so much that the Other does not have to care at all.

What sells is that which peddles man’s lowest denominator.

The habit of breathing is the hardest one to break.

Man’s struggle is well worth noting.  It could have been faster but for some it has been faster than hell on wheels.

That mankind could grow into a benign, caring nature is the dream.

Marthas do not compromise.   Instead they are stroke victims.

Marys would not know to be pressed if they were between waxed sheets under a hot iron.

To be in the company of others means that one does not have to accompany oneself.

A good friend will give of his abundance and hug nothing back.


photo by John Hallissey  (click on photo for larger view)

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