Morning Sun Dance


It sometimes is very hard to convince someone that what you see is really so.  What I have seen are icicles on the pines.     We are in Florida so this was  difficult for those close to me to believe .   This morning I ran for my cell phone which I do not clearly understand and took several photos  like this one.  In awe of this morning’s sun dance,  I bend at the knees easily.  There was nothing else to do.   Click on the photo several times to get different views of the sparklers.   And you can guess the Christmas Card for this year.

If you click on the photo once it will come front and center.   Click on it again while front and center and it will fill your screen.   If you scroll up and down you will get different views.  This will work for almost all of my photos.   It will be great fun.

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  1. Sally B. IPad. . . .I love the quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln. ‘I have been driven to my knees many times by the overwhelming conviction that I had no where else to go.’ You reminded me of that. Nice picture. I can see the tinsel!!

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