Please Give Some Thought

The tide rises as high as the undercurrent pushes it.

When a philosophy is carved out of the heart, it upholds the body, the spirit and the mind.

Substitution can sometimes alleviate in the beginning and then incredibly become of itself the real thing.

One should not find the bed so comfortable that it is effort to get out.

The Heavens do not tread lightly on those places where a heavy foot is needed.

Where lessons need to be learned, it is not by coincidence that events multiply to drive
home the lessons without ceasing.

The collective I Am is the singular God.

It is of no use to still a mind which pushes and prods to perfection a soul having no other way to go but to ascend.

Perhaps we should not in this world of premature languages speak in other than the attitude of obeisance.

What you see is not what you get.   What you get is what you see.

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