Peacing and piecing


DSC_2946When I ordered the bolt of burlap on the eve of my 83rd birthday,  I wrote that I did not know what possessed me to do it.   It seemed like the right thing to do.   So I started working with it and did one wall quilt and then another and another.   I am ‘at home’ working with this burlap.   It feels right and I am amazed with what ease I do it.   It is fun.  The pieces come alive beneath my hands and I am all of a peace.   I am putting this one up today as a break in my work of letters, and if you find one of them feels like the right one for you,  please contact me.  This one reads from an old favorite German fable ‘every year throughout the kingdom every tree blossomed and bore fruit on Christmas Eve.‘    If you click on it it will come full screen and details will be evident.  The size is 24 by 17 inches.   It is for sale for $75.00 plus $10.00 shipping.

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