Kiss The Moon Poetry Book Drawing

Kiss The Moon Book Cover

On Thursday,  July 17, 2014  I will have a blind drawing for my book of poetry called Kiss The Moon,  The Woman Speaks And Gives Grace.   These poems were written during the infancy of the woman’s movement in search of equality.   What has evolved is a generation of young women who would not let anyone question their full rights in any partnership or career choice.   From my vantage points of daughter,  sister,  wife and mother  with twelve males in close quarters in this lifetime,  these poems were written at different times and for the observer it will be an easy matter to see where and when..

It has been a work of my heart.   We are in the second printing of this book and the comments received have been heartwarming.   It has become a favorite of many and for those who have not had a chance to enter before,  take a few minutes and tell me why you would like to win a copy of this book.  All comments will be read and names collected with the drawing on Thursday, July 17, 2014.  Maybe you will be the winner!


5 responses to “Kiss The Moon Poetry Book Drawing”

  1. e mail from Jane Mc. . . .please add me to the list. I love your work and think it would be interesting to see what you have to say. . . .Thanks, Jane

  2. e mail from Al . . .Cindy and I would like to win your book prize. We have been reading and enjoying your poetry. Thanks for your efforts in these works of art.

  3. e mail from Pat E. .I have been enjoying your poetry for awhile now. When you were talking about our planet, our space, and the responsibility that is ours, I sent it to our children and others. . . . . I was so struck by what you had written. . .

  4. I think your poetry is amazing and inspiring. What a wonderful wealth of knowledge you bring to the written word! I would feel quite blessed and honored to win this truly special book of poetry. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight with us.

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