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Dear loyal followers,   

I have had some emails from you and you are having difficulty making your comments on my blog.  Many  of you receive my posts in your smart phones.  To make comments you must go to my blog which is  If you put me into your toolbar it will be easy for you to tap into my blog.  I have asked our family friend John to go through the process in language to be understood.   He sent me the following and I am grateful.  Please understand that your  e mail address is never made public.   I think you will  appreciate seeing your thoughts  on the post and also to show you what others are thinking.   I love your e mails to me.  Do not stop them and I would always ask permission before using any part.   I hope that following these steps will make it easier for you. 

I am grateful that you are in my life and I appreciate your letters to me.   Realize please,  that I do not ask for agreement on my posts.  Just your thinking on the subject.  Only in sharing thoughts do we continue the process of growth.   

How to leave a comment:

  1. Click ‘Comment’ below the item you want to comment on.
  2. Move down to the ‘Leave a Reply‘ box and type in your comment.NOTE: This will cause new boxes to be displayed.
  3. Move down and type your email address in the first box.NOTE: This is a required field and cannot be left blank. Your email address will not be sold or released to anyone.
  4. In the next box, enter your name as you want it to appear on your posted comment.NOTE: This is a required field and can not be left blank. It can be your full name, just your first name or initials, or simply ‘Anonymous’.
  5. The ‘Website‘ box is optional. If you have a website, you may enter your URL.
  6. You can use the check boxes that apply to your wishes.
  7. Click the ‘Post Comment‘ button and wait for the comment to appear on the screen after it is posted.

You’re done and thank you for commenting.

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  1. The first line of your poem really spoke to me – “Do not chop me up…” I am happy to hear of your work; saw this give away on the Full Moon Fiber Art blog which I always enjoy. Poetry written by thoughtful, spiritual women always seems to speak to me; I am happy to know of you and your work. Thanks for the generous give away! I would love to have this. Mary Ann

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