Kiss The Moon Winner

Kiss The Moon Book Cover

The Common Thread Winner of Kiss The Moon is Wendy Greenspan!   I am delighted to have participated in this blind drawing.   Many of the poems I use on my blog I often pick from Kiss The Moon.   The email will go out this evening and as soon as I have the particulars,  Wendy will have her book.   I want to thank all the members of Common Thread who share generously with their talents .  And those who are new to my blog,   I hope you will put me in your toolbar and visit often.   I learn from your comments and appreciate the time it takes to make  them.   There will be a small wall quilt offered toward the holidays so I hope that there will be incentive enough to follow me.

But perhaps my thoughts alone will be enough to make this stop interesting.   I treasure my post with responsibility garnered from a lifetime of knowing the weight of words.   Perhaps a ‘maybe’ will be injected into your thoughts and that I consider a privilege.   The only way we progress is to enlarge our premises.   We must give space to different thinking and sometimes it means that we must do some work on tightly held opinions.   My thinking is constantly being tempered by thoughts from the youngest members of our family as well as all the media operating in a free society.   As long as we continue to breathe the rarified air of human existence,  thinking is a sacred obligation.     I wish to thank all of you again who  entered with your meaningful comments.

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  1. Congratulations to the winner! We are alll beneficiaries of Veronica’s wisdom gathered and honed from a lifetime of inquiry and wondering….

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