Second Thoughts

Second Thoughts

Under adverse conditions,   we become more of what we are.

It is easy to kiss a sleeping child.  The saddest part is that this kiss is not a memory maker for the sleeping child.

Humans are born with clenched fists.   Pray their god a someone in their life to unclench them.

Conflicting signals paralyze the child.   The healthy child is in jeopardy when he no longer can trust those in authority and must place trust in himself whom he has been taught not to trust.

To strip a child of trust puts him in a state  of unbelief about what he sees and hears and largely what he thinks.

To close the mind of the child is an unpardonable offense.   The fear in the guardian is not sufficient excuse.

You will effectively give birth to the physically mature man-child who stammers  ‘who am I to know?’ as opposed to the trusting child who shouts ‘I know that I know!’

Children come in all sizes.   Some too large to sit on your lap but not too large to sit on your heart.

In retrospect,  life is a collection of miracles called coincidences.





2 responses to “Second Thoughts”

  1. Veronica, you have expressed some profound thoughts. I have been known as a person open to other perspectives, always wanting to hear another’s point of view and being able to take it in. And that ability is good in its way but imagine my shock of recognition when I recently discovered that one of the reasons I am so “open minded” with others is that I learned early on not to trust my own point of view and the evidence of what was in front of my face. I needed to call them other things-confusing for the child. So yes, I do value the ability to be open to other POV but now am more willing to consider- “but what do I think”?

  2. Lois, and no doubt it started with the admonition that ‘children should be seen and not heard.’ Followed by ‘just who do you think you are???’ Your comments affirm me and for that I thank you.

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