Silent Moments

Those with short memories are wonderful party people.  Those with long memories are
the ones to keep nearby for the long haul.

If man works out the frizzies in life, the comb will wave on through.

Too many people stop at reborn when it is only a way station.

There is no wisdom quite like the wisdom we earn by learning about ourselves.

There is in Man a dichotomy so wide that when he opens his mouth, he falls in it.

People say what they say because if they did not say it often enough, they would
know it not to be true.

Physical life is bent on survival which means not to die.

It is not the common lot of man to persist in what he does not understand.

Selfishness is not the same as self interest. Self interest means survival of Man
as a species.

It is the compassionate view that considers the human species worth the effort.

Congregations are often just another group of unpaid servants who must pay taxes.

A cursory glance at the morning paper is proof enough that human beings are angels
on sabbatical.

The ingredients of life are basic fare. Yet we take it all to make an agreeable pot and
still find heartburn.

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