Running Toward One’s Truth. . Paradigms


A child’s albatross. . . . .The old adage of what is done in the home must stay in the home is a bird wrapped around the neck and the damage done to the children is inestimable.

 Stay away from the classes where teachers are known not to ruffle feathers.   You will be comfortable and safe and learn nothing.   No thing.

 It is unwise to allow other people to form your opinion.   It is like second hand smoke. . . dangerous.

 Welcome diverse opinions when it forces you to rethink your beliefs.   You may one day have to publicly own those beliefs.

 Better than just believing will be the day when one will be able to say I know and claim this knowledge as one’s own.

 There may be those who think your value system is off the wall.   It may be that your bar is set too high for this world and in place for the one you will graduate to.

 We are our own relief (r is correct) system and no other.   Somehow we have to find our way.

 Follow the one who sends you running to your own corner to sort out your thinking.   Especially if she has forced you into thinking your life depends on you.  Scary, isn’t it?

 Sometimes we have to crash the gates of heaven.  In this day of great cacophony and so many devices, a simple knock is not heard.

 The best that money can buy is often what money cannot touch.

 Sometimes our lives feel like a harvest of obstacles.

 It takes a long time for humanity to grow up.   And some play at it better than others.

 Even in the face of world chaos, we only add to it if we don’t clean up our own messes.  And yes the bathroom must be cleaned, regardless.

Sculpture by Stanley Rybacki

2 responses to “Running Toward One’s Truth. . Paradigms”

  1. Running towards truth includes: one’s own, one’s own corrections, or other truths. A Norwegian friend once told me to dig for truth like digging for gold, fine gold. Running towards it is better than being inactive about it.

    It takes a special person to not need to lean on a feeling of knowing it all, or their own knowledge “so far”. It takes a special person to leap forward and upward and ask better questions.

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