Worth Thinking About


Worth Thinking About

One would think that for human progress to have been more rapid, a sledge hammer rather than a quill should have been used.

Unless emotional garbage is released, it will continue to be contagious.

The mind set to turn a particular way is already bent.

The split in man is so dichotomous that his life is one mass of contradictions.

What man dresses himself in,  his idea of himself, may indeed be all that he is.

Only the individual can judge himself.   Only he knows what is his own best effort.

Everyone thinks of himself to be of royal descent.   They are above the dailyness of the kind of work that deserves a shovel at best.

He who drinks the wine of the publicans,  though no alcohol touches him becomes as intoxicated as if he did.

Each man thinks he is an individualist and yet marches in unison to a step someone says is the only and proper one.

In playthings man finds his surcease.

In playthings,  gods hide the lessons.

There is a difference between sight and vision.  Vision is what makes the difference between looking and seeing.

2 responses to “Worth Thinking About”

  1. Each one of these statements, Veronica, carries enough food for the brain for one to ponder them in every spare moment. I particularly relate to “Each man thinks he is an individualist and yet marches in unison to a step someone says is the only and proper one.” I have lived this for more years than I care to count. I was born a closet individualist, but took so much teasing and abuse for it, I hid my true self away and followed the crowd.

    One day, my senior years arrived and I suddenly realized I didn’t give a damn who thought what of me and my natural bent. And so I reclaimed myself to find a modicum of freedom. I often wonder who I would have been if I had marched to the drummer I heard, rather than the one I chose when I was to young to fight.

  2. Suzanne, times dictate our behavior in many ways. Being told that I did not keep up with the music, I was reminded by an observer that I was a beat ahead! That comment gave me courage. Like you, had it been said to me as a youngster there would have been other decisions. Thank you for commenting.

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