A Rock and a Hard Place


A Rock and A Hard Place. . . .

We were told that good works do not guarantee entry into the heaven of choice and yet far too many lives are lived with no thought of the emotional garbage handed on to future generations,  all in the name of ‘doing good.’

To clean up one’s own act in one area will start the process where self analysis will make one hesitant to condemn the struggling progress of any man.

To be human is an art to be learned and perfected.

Man speaks of his humanness with an attitude of debasement when speaking of himself.  ‘I’m only human’ is his excuse, never giving thought to his divine spark that made him human.

I long to hear man say,  ‘I am of divine nature.’   We would then understand Jesus’ words,  ‘ye are gods!’ and begin to act it.

We were called Earth Gods when we became human.

The great war takes place within the singular body of man.   It is the struggle of the child within refusing to grow up and the bigger body fearing that to release the child will bring on man’s inevitable conclusion.

That we use our mates, our friends, as substitute parents is so true that the understanding of this statement should make us blush.   It is done under the guise of love when in truth the word should be need.

The framework we choose to inhabit is the security blanket covering all emergencies.

Wouldn’t you rather grow up and be a friend to Jesus and help carry the load of miseries on this planet?  Instead of adding to the weight of man’s emotional mortgage he carries  for eternity?   Give it some thought.

And to understand  a premise of the quantum theory that all time is simultaneous,  the time is NOW for all things.   Let us begin to fulfill our promises.


Photo by Kathy Qualiana

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  1. Linnea, you pass it on where you are now. It is already late in our Earth’s day as she waits for us to grow up. Thank you for letting me know your thoughts.

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